Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Peruvian adventures and giveaway announcement

Carol Dekle-Foss
Winner announcement at bottom of post

Did you think I was done boring you with Peru? Nope, not by a long shot. In fact, I just have to share with you my most amazing day! First of all, my son had one too many pisco sours, and the next day was nursing a classic Peruvian hangover. He was down for the count. Our day was supposed to be spent together exploring Lima's oldest district, including a stop at a mineral museum and a handmade marketplace so I could shop for cabs and beads. So let me ask you, would YOU venture out alone in a country known for express kidnappings of tourists to buy beads?? Would I? You betcha! Even the hotel manager looked a bit nervous as I explained my plans for the day.  Okay, maybe not the smartest move, but man did I have a blast! 

My first stop, Museo Andres Del Castillo.
This place has amazing specimens indigenous to Peru. The only problem is they don't let you take photos of the them. DANG! I wanted to share them with you! You can see a few on their website, and I added some to my pinterest board here. They have a gift store, so I bought these two as small ones as souvenirs.
Sphalerite and Rhodochrosite on the left and Azurite on the right. I could have stayed here all day, but I was on the hunt for beads and cabs! 

While making my way through Plaza De Armas, I noticed crowds of people huddled in corners with different music playing. 
I was able to capture a little of the entertainment for you. Keep in mind I was constantly looking around for would be kidnappers, so the videos are fair at best. They are short videos, less than a minute.

You have to see how she dances at the end of the video. So adorable! 

I love this ladies confidence. Are those mimes in the background? I have no clue what that was about.

My next stop, Centro Artesanal Santo Domingo.
 I was determined to find a cabochon dealer here.

Score! Right when I saw this place I realized I didn't bring enough soles. Damn! Still kicking myself for that one, but here is what I could afford.
Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Peruvian opal (my favorite), fluorite, and citrine cabochons. Umm..I need to go back. I found a few more stores after I left this one with even more cabochons. Anybody want to go to Peru with me??

Once the sun started setting I hightailed it to the bus and made my way safely back to the hotel. My loot safely tucked in my bra;)

Peru is so rich and steeped in tradition with symbols and colors that overwhelm and excite at every corner. There was one symbol that kept jumping out at me though. The crescent moon in this shape. 
I did some research on the moon related to the incas and they worshiped the Inca goddess, Mama Quilla, or mother moon. When the spanish conquered them in the 1500's and converted them to catholicism, they still included symbolism of her in their artwork. Such rebels.

Being a moon lover myself, I designed this necklace with Mama Quilla in mind.

Made with black onyx, peruvian opal, and one of my porcelain handmade cabochon moons. Listed here.

Finally, the giveaway announcement.
Congratulations Sharlyn Premuda, you are the winner! I will be contacting you on facebook for your mailing info.

Thank you everyone for reading!


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

So here I was, reading your post, silently scolding you for going out on your own (you rebel), smiling while watching the videos, and then BAM....that necklace popped up! There is so much to love in that necklace! First off, the symbolism, then your own moon cab...and a Peruvian Opal! Absolutely stunning!! I hope you are keeping that one as a rememberance!

And he's...I will go back with you!!!!! :)

Sherri Stokey said...

Oh my gosh - that necklace is amazing!! I love how you used the crescent moon shape in conjunction with the teardrop shaped cab. Great design. Oh, and I would have had to go out and about, too - alone or not!

Carol Dekle said...

Thanks ladies! I could NOT have sat in that hotel while my son slept when there were adventures awaiting and beads to be bought! Let's go Patti!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun videos! Great photos! what beautiful cabs, my gosh~ And your moon goddess pendant is breathtaking.

Doug Napier said...

Nicely Done! Beautiful pendant and story!

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