Thursday, July 9, 2015

Messy Studio and Etsy Thoughts

Somehow it is July. And almost mid-July at that.
Seems like I just got back from Bead & Button and right around the corner is Bead Fest Philadelphia
Things go non-stop at times, and right now I have family visiting until next week.

So my studio will remain a mess...

 And I am going to have to get a good purging in the next couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, my brain gets a bit stressed with making sure I can keep family entertained and have some income trickling in (the bills sure don't stop).

And as far as that goes, I am constantly thinking about how to market my items, and with changes in social media, technology, and how people shop, it gets a bit overwhelming to try to keep up with.

I don't even want to get started with my frustration with Etsy and what is being sold there, and how they have dropped the artisan base. Personally, I still think that if they created "Etsy Handmade" the way they have created "Etsy Wholesale" and take it back to their origins, they could be salvaged.

And now Amazon is getting into the program with "Amazon Handmade" so I am very curious to see how that platform runs and effects Etsy.

Yesterday I got an email from Etsy saying that they have been putting a bit more effort into their Etsy Teams platform through the Sell on Etsy App.

As a captain of two teams, and members of many, this was a surprise and a bit exciting.
Although there is much room for improvement, I am pretty impressed they are doing anything for the teams.

If you have a smart phone (iPhone or Android) you can get the Sell on Etsy App.
You may need to refresh your app if you already have it on your phone to get the teams section to show up.

And as a team captain, I also received an email that gives details that one of the long requested things: for the captain to be able to address the whole team via email is now available. People can opt out of receiving the emails - especially if the captain steps over limits with this and sends out way too many emails.
Having the capability of shooting out an email to the whole team to remind them of an upcoming event, or even a monthly reminder to check the Etsy threads will hopefully allow for more activity and interaction to the Etsy Team Platform.

All of this is pretty exciting to me from the marketing end, because being able to stand together and help promote each others work is a huge part of having a successful Etsy shop.
And honestly, the only reason why I am still maintaining my shop on and I really hope that they will be seriously considering Etsy Handmade to leave the current Etsy as it stands in the dust.

If you have an Etsy shop where you sell your handmade, vintage or supplies to make handmade, you should consider joining the AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team).
We host a virtual First Friday every month, and all you have to do is add up to 4 of your shop listings and help promote the event through social media, and other creative ways.

I am curious to see if these tools will help to market artists shops more through the Etsy Teams platform.
Efforts must be made by all involved though, and on a regular basis.
If not, it all just stalls - and that is quite disappointing.

So I'm off to go update my Etsy shop with some new listings, and tags, then add some new items to my teams and then promote.
Spiral Lentil Bead Sets Marsha Neal Studio
It's the new kind of "marketing work" that I am hoping works for todays technology.


Skylar Bre'z said...

Love your thoughts on the Etsy situation. I'm interested in the Handmade as well. I stick with Etsy because I continue (against all odds) to get sales.

One thing I'm trying to do when I create new listings is to include a blurb about the piece being handmade in the description. I also have this in my shop description.

I think if more handmade artists used language like this, it could make a difference. If Etsy won't promote handmade as a value, it's up to us.

Amazon Handmade also sounds intriguing.

Mary Redman said...

Thank you for the tips! It was great seeing you at Bead & Button. I've already made a couple of your bracelets and I love them!

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