Tuesday, June 9, 2015

where jewelry and small objects meet

mary jane dodd

mjd - 2014 offering bowl 

i've been pretty absent - i haven't felt like what i have been doing related to the blog - i mean, we have these powerhouse jewelry and component designers and makers. i had kind of wandered off down a spiritual and slightly bigger scale of working. 

mjd - 2014 sacred space

late last year i had a strong desire to make offering bowls - to use as part of sacred spaces. i am a firm believer that life is stressful and harried and we all need places to stop. to breathe. to be. whether they are religious or spiritual or not is up to you. 

at first, they had a short phrase, a mantra or something specifically requested.

mjd - 2014 offering bowls

mjd - 2015 bowl foot

they also filled my desire to make something on a scale larger than jewelry.

but that small scale used for adornment always calls - 

mjd - 2015 be still

and they got scaled down to use as the most portable offering bowls.

i was asked to use a full piece of writing in a bowl - and had gone up from my first ones in size a bit, so i set approx. 250 characters. 

mjd - 2015 live your truth

so the writing that went with 'live your truth' became this - 

mjd - 2015 offering bowl

mjd - 2015

and then the portable wearables followed -

mjd - 2015


and the mats/pouches i put them in came into have matured as well.

what has been interesting is going back and seeing how things developed. i didn't foresee where i am now. and i have ideas for them being used on walls and such. 

this has been a rather new experience  - really sticking with something and working with it thoroughly. there is a lot to be said for the process. and i plan on continuing it. even though it may be boring for followers on instagram or facebook, it is rewarding. 

have you done any work that is larger than jewelry? or did you start as a different kind of maker and found yourself going to the smaller scale? 


Carol Dekle said...

I wrote a business plan in 2010 where I would be making home accessories that were environmentally friendly and also offer decorating services. It was a silpada jewelry party of all things that started me down the path of handmade jewelry. Who knows maybe someday, I will delve into making larger things.

I absolutely LOVE your offering bowls and necklace. How the words swirl into the center is just beautiful! Nothing that you do is boring, just the opposite! I always look forward to seeing your meaningful work.. Large or small.

Barry said...

I always wonder - is jewellery a small version of a sculpture; or is a sculpture a large version of a piece of jewellery? I think as 3D folk we scale up and down - depends on whether we want to wear the object; hold the object; or behold the object. At least that is how it has impacted on my practice. Go well and create well. B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I like where this path is taking you. A few words in an offering bowl were good. A bowl full of thoughts and prayer is POWERFUL. I always felt a spiritual presence in your jewelry..but your offering bowls are so much more. Wonderful!
xx, Carol

stacilouise said...

I constantly feel called to make things bigger then jewelry. I have been playing, but nothing worth showing yet ;) I love sculpture.

You are also a powerhouse you know, a powerhouse of depth and peace. You bring that quiet and reflection I think we all crave. Having a creative mind can be at times overwhelming, and you remind us to take time and just be in the moment. I am so in love with your offering bowls. I can see the love, time and meditation put into each one. I also was thrilled when I saw you make it into a necklace, because I thoroughly enjoy when something bigger becomes wearable art.

Sherri Stokey said...

Something about these bowls and pendants strikes a chord deep inside me. They're such centering pieces - like a little bowl full of serenity. Perfect.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Boring?? No way! Your words always cause me to be retrospective of my surroundings, my "being". To put them in a piece of jewelry - or an offering bowl - cements one's need and desire to slow down and reflect more often.

Might I add.....250 characters! That is simply a testament to your creativity (stamped in the round!) and ability to put thoughts into such special keepsakes. Bravo!

Skylar Bre'z said...

Love these offering bowls! And the development that is going into them.

I got into felting a few years ago. At first, I thought it would be a separate art from my bead embroidery. Turns out, not at all. Now I'm incorporating beads and felt and all sorts of textiles in my work. And haven't been this happy or excited since I began beading over 20 years ago.

patty miller said...

I love these! they are fabulous. Thanks for sharing. :o)

Cindy Pack said...

The bowls are amazing and like others have said - powerful, peaceful, spiritual. That comes across in your work. It really does- and that in itself is powerful. To be able to inspire others- awesome! And how you've evolved the bowls into necklaces is genius. I'm so lucky, honored and blessed to have one for myself. I can't wait to see where this creative energy takes you next. peace & blessings my friend!

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