Saturday, March 14, 2015

mjd - 2015 - offering bowl on necklace 

thawing is happening here,

tender things.

trusting green shoots
hopeful hearts

that will soon belie
their fragile appearance
with a blossoming

worthy only
of the strong. 


one of the things i love most about living in a place with four true seasons is how subconsciously and deeply i am affected by the outside world. each season is welcomed joyfully with its promise of what makes it wonderful and unique. but even my love of tranquility and snow began to give way at the sight of small shoots and woodland creatures seeing if it was time to emerge

9 march - resident chipmunk scouting above ground

if you like to use fibers in your work, be sure they are strong and up to the challenge of where you put them. cotton is not always your best bet.
reinforce your knots - you don't want all that work falling apart!
and if you are interested in stringing gemstones with fine holes, look into a pearl stringing thread like griffin that has a built in needle and comes in many thicknesses. 


Ann Schroeder said...

I feel the same about living where there are four seasons and appreciating each. Each one is exciting (at least at the beginning) every single year and makes me grateful.

Also, thank you for the tip about stringing materials. I have been wanting to string more small holed items on fiber and this has given me a direction. Sometimes such a wonderful plethora of available materials can be overwhelming, and I always appreciate a helpful word!

Cory Tompkins said...

I grew up in CT and always loved the beginning of a new season, the distinct smell of Fall and Spring along with all of natures little signs that they were coming. I have been in FL for over 25 years now and that is the one thing I truly miss. I don't think I would give up the sunshine and mild temps to live where it snows again though!

Great advice about fibers, I have had a piece or two come apart on me for not securing it properly!

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