Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creating price tags that will make a lasting impression

Carol Dekle-Foss
 The details are not the details. They make the design-Charles Eames

I believe that creating a cohesive brand identity is the key to impressing customers and enticing them to "want" to buy a product. This though, is no easy task.  There are so many details to focus on, your amazing jewelry of course, but also your business name, company logo, cards, price tags etc can be very overwhelming. My best advise? When creating your brand identity never lose sight of what makes your jewelry unique to you, and have your marketing materials resonate with your style.

So price tags are just a tiny part of this whole process. They are just as important as say your logo, or business cards. They will help to create your OVERALL brand identity and highlight your unique style.

I'm going to share how I solved my price tag challenge and also provide a couple more suggestions

Here is some of my tagging arsenal.
Ok, the bottom sheets are rectangle barbells from Online labels. I like the larger rectangle size because it has more room for my logo, but you can also get them in round. What's nice about Online Labels is they have a label design software called Maestro.  You can use this program to design your own personalized labels by uploading your logo, unique backgrounds, and also use fonts that you have on your computer. The downside of the program is that it's a bit tricky to calibrate and line up the print option, and also the access code they give you is only good for one month. I now just use Photoshop to make and print them. They are a great price too, $22.95, for 100 sheets, for a total of 3600 tags. If you want,  you can just buy one sheet for $3.88 if you would like to try it out first.

Here are the tags I use if the barbells are too small for a piece and also for pricier items that I want to give a special touch. Also these tags are great for writing out any product details I would like to include on the back. I created the tag design using Photoshop, printed them out on textured card stock using an inkjet printer, and then cut them out with a paper cutter. The hole punch size is 1/8" in diameter. I then use chocolate brown string to tie it to the piece. 

I just love these earring card hang tags! I was inspired by the oh so talented and ever clever Erin Prais-Hintz. She talked about some earring cards she designed in this post on Earrings Everday. Check out how she used one of Vista Prints stock business cards to come up with a unique earring card holder that stands up! Clever girl. Thank you Erin for the cool idea! It was just luck that they fit perfectly in my shutter mirror display.  If you use leverbacks for your earrings, you can use this punch to cut out your holes. On the back of the card is my web address, a place for an item number and price, and plenty of room to include an item description. You can see the backside in the pic above. 

I used the same card stock for continuity and the tag designs are similar so there is cohesion with the overall look and feel of my brand. Now If I could just do the same with my jewelry designs!

There are so many ways to be unique with your tags, that it can be impossible to decide. Just remember to focus of what makes your products unique and try to create tags that resonate with your style.

Here are some more tag ideas! 

You can use punches to cut out your own tags.

 Use embossing punches to create texture.

Use punches to make pretty edges

Have a custom stamp made with your logo and use it on tags. This one is from Rubber Stamps.

There are just so many ways that you can be creative when designing your own tags. If you do a Google or Pinterest search, you will find tons of inspiration!

Also there are shops on Etsy that have ADORABLE tags that can be custom made for you, and will have a professional look. Personally for me, I like the creative freedom (and price) of doing it myself.

So how do you tag your items? Do you have a cool technique that your love? Please share what has worked for you!


Barry said...

Hi C - totally agree - tags make the difference. I had a few lines of work in a local shop - did not sell a lot - my wife Fiona (calligrapher etc) made hand written swing tags - I just keep selling. Go well. B

Kathy Lindemer said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I plan to implement them.

TesoriTrovati said...

You are so clever Miss Carol! I love how your branding is so cohesive. I seem to be in the middle of three different sets of branding cards right now. My latest and greatest are Moo mini cards in bright colors with the image of a skeleton key in white for hang tags, I also have a little business card mini-Moo that has an image of heart handmade on the front with my contact info on the back that I tie to each package with a tiny metal key. My earring cards are now full size business cards, but I wish they were folded over like that again... Might need to revamp for the next round! Thanks for the shout out but more for the great tips and ideas! Enjoy the day. Erin

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Love the look of your tags! This is the part of selling that I do not like the most - so many details involved to paint the picture just the way I want it...never enough hours in the day!

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I plan to start setting up at local shows in 2015, and I'm already working on tags and displays, trying to come up with ideas. I know when I go to shows as a customer, it's that special touch that seems to draw me to certain booths. I don't want my tables to look like I'm setting up at a yard sale!! I priced pre-made tags online and at the craft stores, and it just seems like making them myself is the way to go. Now, I just need to come up with a logo!

Charis Designs said...

Thanks for your post and the link back to Erin's post as well. This is something I definitely need to work on. Your tags and cards are so pretty and make everything look cohesive Christie

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