Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowers, Seed Pods and Teeny Vases

I love this time of year here in the Mid-Atlantic United States.
There is a lavender farm in Milton, DE called Lavender Fields which I visited a couple of weeks ago during peak bloom. It was magnificent!
And in my own garden here in Delaware, the annual poppies are finishing their blooming period and are putting their seed pods out to dry. Both of these plants are favorites of mine to dry out and use in my teeny ceramic vases.
I also had some Hellebores that have put their seed out and now they are drying up on the stem.
I am quite fond of these garden finds...
I just find a small brad nail and put these up on a wall somewhere (the one below is on a door - I wanted to see how it looked against the brown background).
And here are a bunch of the teeny vases on display in a little Art Shop called Bellefonte Arts where I have a small display case to sell my artwork. I like the set-up in person, but looking at it in a photo really does not show off the pieces. So I will need to keep working on that - maybe a large frame with a painted background and little nails for these to hang from. 

I would like to also work on making these a bit more wearable as a necklace focal or brooch.
Maybe not for such delicate dried flowers though...
Always a work in progress...

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