Saturday, June 14, 2014

mary jane dodd

mjd - 2014

so many wonderful things are happening here for the contributors of the blog - 
things they work hard for, 
take chances on,
dedicate their time to. 

a new talented member has joined in - welcome, carol!

it's not easy to keep a group blog 
(much less your own)

i thank them for their dedication and desire to inspire and educate 

i've not been so present - 

life can be unpredictable - 
before a serious illness i was more productive,
attending to blogs,
teaching classes, 
writing for publications.
in short, doing what the goal of many of us becomes.

mjd - 2014 beach and forest finds

but what happens when you cannot do as you did before? 
after you have grieved 
after you have gotten frustrated?

because it is in making that you speak 
that you feel
that you make sense of things. 

mjd - 2014

as in dealing with many of life's challenges, 
you adapt
you accept
you learn to let go.

i know i am not alone - 
we have deaths in families,
job losses
things that change our lives 
and can strip us of passion.

be gentle with yourself. 
find what works,
what makes you feel good
what allows you to speak. 

mjd - 2014 - everyday love pins
inspired by rumi
things work out. 

the necklace in the first photo evokes a cupped hand ever so gently holding a heart - 
a heart wrapped, but softly and openly - keeping it from turning hard.

no matter how bad it gets, remember that love is ever present. i challenge you to go outside and look around. how many plants have leaves shaped like hearts? stand before them, breathe deeply, smile and know. know you are loved. know that this life of yours offers an opportunity to touch others. 

then figure out how you want to do that. 
you're a maker, aren't you?
so make something for someone who has touched you. 
then set it free into the world.

guess what? you've created a ripple - maybe that gift will reach someone just when they needed it. and they will be able to do it for someone else. 

spread the love - 

and never stop believing in the power you hold to make the world a better place. 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good post, MJ.
Been sick with allergies for a month and pondering just this subject. Letting go is such a freeing experience. Think of a kite string and watch the kite fly high as you release its tether. Funny that you should post these thoughts on this day. Yet another connection.
Much Love.

Carol Dekle said...

your kind, loving words of welcome touched my hear Mary! I look forward to every post you write, and ponder each meaning. You remind me to not take life's most simple and precious moments for granted. Thank you Mary. Thank you for your gift of sharing your fully open and loving heart. Blessings!

Lynn said...

I can tell from your writing that you are a beautiful person inside and out. Your words touch my heart.
Lynn Carling

Carol Briody said...

Life has been a bit 'complex' and topsy-turfy lately at our home as well. Lots of challenges, dealing with subjects that we've not had to face before...and it's impossible to know or do everything all at once. Your words are beautiful, really hit home, likely for many people. You are not alone.

C said...

I just came across this blog and I needed to tell you how very touching your words are. My health started going downhill sometime in my 20's. Honestly I've had mild symptoms all my life. But in my 20's it slowly began to degenerate. I got hurt easily. Healed slowly. After my son was born in 2009, everything snowballed. I nearly died giving birth but it was such a surreal experience it barely clicked... so instead of taking my doctor's advice I went home the day after giving birth, just like I had with Andy's sisters. I never really recovered. When he was 5 months old I needle emergency gallbladder removal. It just quite working. No stones or blockages. It just stopped working. I didn't really receiver from that either. In June of 2009, I herniated a disc while walking my colicky son around at night. And that was it. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease... late found to be a bit more aggressive than normal as I have since herniated three more discs while doing next to nothing strenuous. Then I was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia. And arthritis in the many places where I had broken bones or hurt joints, tendons and such as an active yet clumsy child. And the severe chronic fatigue syndrome. These were on top of having Endometrial Hyperplasia, which was the cause of seven early first trimester miscarriages. I also have severe depression and anxiety, agoraphobia with paranoia and PTSD. I have grieved and raged and grieved some more. But I've also fought hard to remember that I am still a whole person. Broken and bruised and batches together a bit when it comes to my body... but my heart and soul are completely whole. I love art jewelry. I love designing around different objects or things I've seen or dreamt or read about. I love using any media that catches my eye. I haven't been at this long but it quickly became something that soothes me and excites me at the same time. I can't always jump into the actual making right when I want to. For one thing, my tailbone is severely arthritis and severely unstable. It dislocated often and with great pain. So sitting up is a huge challenge for me. But it's a challenge that I am fighting to overcome somehow.... someway.
People always say, "don't give up." They have no clue. They think that me laying in bed is me giving up. They have no clue. I'm still here. I'm still alive. I have people that I love more than I could ever say. I have things that soothe me and excite me. I am not giving up. I'm letting go of what I no longer even have and I'm grabbing hold of all the possibilities that are still waiting for me. Obviously, you are too. And seeing someone with the strength to fight the same kind of battle that I fight inspires me to no end. So thank you for this glimpse into your life, your battle. It's an honor to meet you. ~Cindy

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