Saturday, April 26, 2014

what is your intention?

mary jane dodd

mjd - 2014

you are a maker -

whether you work with raw materials like metal, textiles,clay or glass or you purchase handmade components and artfully assemble them into something that speaks your language.

you use your hands and both sides of your brain.

mjd - 2014

i think most of us agree that making is a therapeutic activity, one that we cannot imagine living without. 

you put so much of yourself into it. 

do you think about how you release it into the world?

mjd - 2014

what i wish for first is that my work connects with people - not everyone naturally. but with those who are like minded, your tribe.

do i hope that someone might buy it? of course. this is how i make my living. while i wish i could give it all away, i can't. 

but what i can wish is that it brings someone joy, or peace. that it perhaps gives them a chance to step outside of our demanding world and connect with something that was made by hand. to appreciate the depth of meaning in the simplicity of a stitch. to connect back in time to others who worked in a similar way. 

and so how do i release it into the world? 
with intention and love. 
i hold each piece in between my hands & give thanks for the ability to give voice to my heart through the use of those hands. i give thanks to the person who values what i do. i give thanks for the ability to connect with people.

you do all the work you do to create your finished piece - whether it be a necklace, a bead, a finding - why send it out from you without a blessing of your own?  


Carol Briody said...

Your sentiment is beautiful! Thank you for reminding us how important this aspect of creation is!

Christine said...

I too hope my creations touch someone. While working, I try to fill each piece with good energy to be felt by the wearer. Thank you for the idea of taking it further and blessing each piece.

Laurel Hanson said...

Beautifully said!

Carol Dekle said...

Hi Mary Jane,

I am going to start doing this from now on. Sometimes I create custom orders for clients that have very special meaning to them, in the creation process I send positive energy into the piece but never at the end. What a great final touch! Thank you for this great post!

Joseph Gomes said...

Lovely creation...

Irish Jewellery

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Always from the heart and always giving what we all love to do so much more meaning for the next time we sit down to create.


ciaolucia said...

Beautiful words, beautiful handwork.

Mags said...

A beautiful post, thank you!
Me too, I send every creation of mine to its' new owner with blessings of light and joy.

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