Monday, April 21, 2014

Fine Finishings Boot Camp : Copper......AND a giveaway winner!!!

                                                                                           by Kelli Pope

Copper is a WONDERFUL metal to work with. Probably my favorite.  Although left untreated, it can be very bright, AND will turn skin green.   NOT a good selling point for jewelry. 

It takes patina wonderfully!

It's beautiful when "flame painted"

And one of my favorite finishings is Liver of Sulphur. 

(I prefer the gel form)

 LOS gives it a rich, rustic, dark, aged look.  

Most importantly though, once your copper component is completed,  make sure you seal it.  MissFickleMedia turned me on to Permalac years ago.  It's the only lacquer I use now.   

It's available in gloss or matte. *Make sure you use LOS and lacquer in a well ventilated area.*

What are some of your favorite finishing products?   

and now for the winner of Stacie's 4/17/14 giveaway...........


(winner picked via

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