Friday, December 20, 2013

Trunk Show and Christmas ramblings.......

                                                                                                 by Kelli Pope

Last night I had the privilege of holding a trunk show at the Janet Mason Art Museum in 
Cadiz, Ky. 

 Thank you  Megan and all of the lovely ladies who planned and attended this event.  It was a lovely evening.   Plus, Steve and I got to enjoy a road trip.  :o)  

And thus ends my 2013 show season.   whew!!!!!!!!!!  (Although there are a few more special orders to fill quickly this weekend)   I can now turn my attention to Christmas.   Do we have our tree up?   No.   Have I wrapped a single gift? No. Did I send out any Christmas cards?  No.   Have I baked cookies, or made fudge yet?  No. Was I able to make some wonderful piece of art jewelry for this blog?  Yes...but it sold, and I was too busy to take pictures.(sorry!!)   Am I stressed?.... ummmm, no, I don't really think I am.  I have too much for which to be thankful this year.  I will get to spend Christmas Eve with my parents, who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, my sisters and their husbands, my nieces, their husbands and my great-nieces, oh, and of course Steve!! :o)
Christmas morning, we'll get to watch with delight as our granddaughters open gifts, and we'll spend time with them and their parents. The rest of the day we'll hang out with my in-laws.   And all of that to me, is priceless.   Lack of  presents, cards, cookies or even a tree cannot diminish the joy of spending the holidays with our family. (Fah-who, Rah-who!!!!  I think the Whos down in Who-ville got it right!!)    Yes, I will get all of the gifts wrapped at some point this weekend whether a tree is up or not.  Cookies, cards and fudge, we'll just have to give up on this year.  Life is good, and we are blessed.  
May you all have a VERY Merry and Blessed Christmas this year!!!  
May love and laughter fill your hearts and homes!

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