Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday BootCamp : Cold Connections

                                                                                                     by Kelli Pope

Rivets and screws have always been a cold connection I wanted to try, but my go-to cold connection has always been wire.  Wrapping or "sewing" with wire.  

Here I've taken one of my copper discs.  It has already been hammered, folded, finished and antiqued.
I've also chosen a silver, hammered disc,
 a copper square, already hammered  and antiqued,
and a hammered silver squiggle for fun. 
I chose my placement
 then punched holes to wire the pieces together.
Using 22ga sterling silver wire, I "sewed" the pieces together. 
I chose to squiggle the wire on the top between holes for added interest.  
 Now my pendant is ready for maybe a bead on the bottom, and to be turned into a necklace.   
Here is a shot of the back.  Nice and neat.  :o)  Easy Peasy!!  :o)   

How are your cold connection projects coming along?  
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