Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Inspiration

                                                                                                      by Kelli Pope

With one more Fall show coming, the promise of cool, weather, and red, golden and orange leaves has inspired me.  It is my FAVORITE time of year, making me feel more alive.  Strange, considering the dying of leaves is what brings on such beautiful color.
    form-folded, enameled copper 
hand cut, hammered copper leaf, with enameled copper beads
          hammered sterling silver with enameled copper beads
(ok.. so, not so Fall'ish, but I gotta give the customers SOME silver!!)
          plain and simple antiqued copper to go with ANYTHING 
BIG AND BOLD!  Fold formed copper pendant with turquoise
             wire wrapped, with enameled copper pendant and beads, and handmade ceramic beads ( and of course,  a little "tribal" inspiration from Staci Lou :o), thank you very much)


Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

Nice work, I like the hammered sterling the best!

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Love those enameled leaves, Kelli!

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