Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Re-cap

                                                                                          by Kelli Pope

On Friday afternoon Steve and I packed up and headed to Frankfort, Ky for Art in the Garden at Liberty Hall.   WHAT a beautiful venue it was.   When we got there for our set up time, about 5-6 volunteers were there to unload us and carry/haul everything to our booth site, under a HUGE old tree.  They helped me raise the tent while Steve moved the van, and then went and brought us back ice water!!     We were set up and headed to the hotel in no time. 

Saturday morning we set out the jewelry..........

......and opened up for business.

We were lucky enough to have this lovely bench as our neighbor to the right. 
So we used it as the "husband bench" while the ladies shopped. :o)
And this view directly in front of the bench, was just BEAUTIFUL!
Diagonally from us was a friend I met last year at a show.  (The show will remain nameless. Let's just say  Melissa and I had PLENTY of time, hours, in fact, to laugh and get to know one another.)  
She creates journals, sketchbooks and notebooks from upcycled materials.  They are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!  Leather stitched covers, and hand bound pages.   (Luckily, at this show we didn't get nearly enough time to chat!!)
                                                            Re-Imagined by Luna
I dropped SEVERAL hints to Steve, but this one did not come home with me :(

Yes, they are as buttery soft as they look!!!!!! 

 guess what else she makes..

You're gonna love these..........
Are these necklaces adorable, OR WHAT? 
You can check out more from the talented Melissa Oesch at 

I just can't say enough good things about this show.  There were volunteers who took care of us the entire show, constantly checked on us, and helped us load out when we left.  There were cold water stations set up all around the gardens for us and customers. We had our own private lounge area, and ..drum roll please....... indoor, air conditioned bathrooms!!  :) 

When the show came to an end, my handsome and trusty sidekick and I headed home. Shower, bed and an early morning alarm, had us up and off to the ClarkFest, in our own hometown, to set up and do it again on Labor Day.  Unfortunately, I was just WAY too tired to think about getting pics at that show. It was a first for our community, and was SO well done. 

So, was your Labor Day weekend as "calm" and "relaxing" as mine?   


stacilouise said...

wow! you really rarely hear calm and relaxing when talking about a show! It sounds heavenly! (you had me at cold water stations and AC bathrooms!)

Kelli said...

Ha! Stacie, I knew that would get some attention!!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Awwww..... I think it is great that you and Steve are doing shows together! I love going to shows with Bill. Even if it is slow, it is still "together time." I love the set up and all that help!!!! Wow! That does not happen too often!

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