Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's just a circle, right?

by Barbara Bechtel
Today I thought I would reflect a little on our current Art Jewelry Boot Camp theme, Hoops! After all, a hoop is just a circle, right? The circle being one of the most basic shapes can often be over looked in its simplicity but has held meaning for humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

We're all familiar with the symbol of the circle as it pertains to marriage and weddings. The wedding ring represents a symbol of unending love and fidelity. The long tradition of a simple round band has long been a tradition.

We're all familiar with the circle as it pertains to the circle of life. The unending circle of birth, life, and death. In Native American culture, this circle is often represented as a medicine wheel and in Japanese symbology by the Enso. In popular music, it is often referenced by the "wheel", the "wagon wheel", or the "wheel in the sky".

In this post, I wrote about my mobius links as another variation of the hoop and circle.

In what ways have you found the circle symbolized in your work?

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