Friday, September 27, 2013

Big, BOLD hoops

                                                                                            by Kelli Pope

              Copper is my favorite medium.  ESPECIALLY in fall!   It just has that rich, rustic beautiful color, it's affordable, AND it's very easy to work with.  

   These are some of my favorite hoops.   Start with copper sheet and cut out circles with your saw, or shears.  (Less filing and sanding if you use the saw)   Cut or punch holes in the center.  

                  These have been annealed, and the centers hammered slightly on a dapping block to raise the center hole.   

   Once hammered and formed, your only obstacle is your own imagination.   They can then be enameled, patina'd, or torch fired to a deeper red.  Used in earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.  Layered, wrapped, riveted, rusted or soldered with silver.  Textured, embossed or punched for dangles.    The potential is as endless as the loop.  

  These were a special order for earrings and a pendant, so I sealed and waxed them, as is.  
                               But, OHHHHH the possibilities can have you spinning in circles......(see what I did there?  :o)  .......    What are you doing with your hoops for this month's Boot Camp?   


Lynn said...

I don't have a saw, just shears, so could you tell me the best method of cutting out the center hole? I tried on 24g copper sheet but couldn't do it. Thanks!

Kelli said...

Hey Lynn, SO sorry for the delayed response. I've had computer issues :(

Do you have a large punch? I have a handheld, and block/punch set that I use to make the larger holes. Without a jewelers saw, or a punch, I'm not sure how else to make the holes..... ladies, any other ideas??

Lynn said...

Ho, Kelli, I don't have a punch. Where did you get the handheld punch---is it less expensive than the Pepe punch set? Thanks for any info.

Kelli said...

I honestly can't remember from where I purchased it. I usually order from They have the Mighty Punch Plier for $34.95. And I know last time I was in Michael's, (if you have one near you) they carried them also.

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