Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When Sand Fibers Met Staci Louise

Over the last few years I have amassed a significant stash/collection/hoard of art beads, my own private art gallery.  As substantial as my investment (in time, money, space, and, yes, emotion) in these treasures is, I seldom have the chance to use them in my work, which consists mostly of "simple" peyote cuffs.

So when someone hands me an "excuse" for working with an art bead, I get almost giddy. That's what happened when Staci Louise asked me if I would be willing to create something with one of her donut beads in time for Bead Fest.  Willing? Nah...more like thrilled!  A chance to collaborate with a fellow donut fan and LMAJ member? Bring it on!

This super cool polymer clay creation arrived in my mailbox a few days later:

Now what?  The first thing, at least for me, is usually to find a color palette to work with. The minute I saw the piece I knew I would be looking to my stash of round seed beads rather than to the more uniform (delicate) cylinder delicas I work with most often.

The first colors I pulled out worked, but didn't excite me.

Getting over the need for "contrast," and exchanging the light "snow cloud" grey with a warm bronze, made me much happier.

Once I had my colors, I could start beading.  First was the bail, which I knew had to be substantial to stand up to the size and asymmetry of the focal.

And a substantial pendant seemed to demand a substantial rope.

I think Staci Louise and Carol Dean combined to create something that is a little bit rustic, a little bit elegant, and 100% unique.

Wouldn't you agree?

Be well and get collaborating!
Carol Dean Sharpe


Brenda J. Harvey said...

Amazing necklace.


Gale said...

I got to see it in person at Bead Fest, and the result was pretty spectacular! That bail is amazing.

Libby Leuchtman said...


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I would definitely agree! I love it :o)

SummersStudio said...

Wonderful composition and contrast between the rustic focal and precision of the beading. No need for contrasting colors when you've got that going. Beautiful

stacilouise said...

I LOVE it. It is a wonderful contrast- perfection! it got handled and loved on many times!

Robbie said...

Fantastic!! So cool...so elegant...so....so....wonderful!

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