Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stocking up

                                                                             by Kelli Pope

As an admitted procrastinator,  "I, Kelli Pope, am a procrastinator",  I must say, I work much better under pressure.   Deadlines get my creative juices flowing.    Having said that, however, I know my limitations.  I have no shows this summer, but took it upon myself to have 3, yes THREE, back to back shows starting Labor Day weekend.  AND, I'm on a wait list for a 4th.      So, I've been trying to trick my brain into "pre-show mode".  Between each show, I still have to work, so there won't be time to restock the inventory.  I MUST do it now.

Here are some of my recently made favorites.....

 this one just may not make the table.... I rarely keep pieces for myself, but it may have to "lose" it's price tag  :o)

 Moon beams, anyone?
This bright piece was completely inspired by Nikki's beautiful glass beads and headpins. (Thornburg Bead Studio)
 black and blue all over
ceramic, sterling and sea glass... yum!
and more copper and turquoise.  Can you tell it's my favorite combo?


stacilouise said...

Gorgeous. I think its so hard to make myself sit down in the studio when I know I have a ton of work to do, but once I get started, I love rolling along necklace after necklace!

Those are great. LOVE the spike as well as the moon beam one! You should keep that first one for yourself. I hand out SOOOOO many cards by wearing my pieces. Girls like jewelry, and they ask you wear you get it! Its marketing, so don't feel guilty!

Stacie said...

Fantastic collection of!! I think I would have to keep that first one too...all of them are wonderful, though!!!

Juliette Williams said...

Beautiful work! I love great wire work and I would be hard pressed to let that first piece go, too :) xoxo Juliette

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