Friday, June 28, 2013


                                                                              by Kelli Pope

   HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!      I have storage.     I haven't worked on jewelry all week, but I





         When we bought our house, it had a basement garage.  GREAT for storage..  Load up for a show, and drive out.  Come home from a show, back in, unload.    Perfect.     Right?

UNTIL, construction near our subdivision began, and changed our water levels.   Our street started to flood after heavy rains, and it ran straight down our driveway, backing up all of our drains, and filling up our basement (yes, filling.   4-5 feet of water)   After this happening twice in 2006 alone,  enough was enough.   We closed up the garage, and angled the driveway up toward the house.   No more garage, but also, no more flooding.
AND I lost my easy access storage.   For years I've dragged the art show tables, tents, totes, etc etc etc, around the house, up and down the basement steps and filled up my studio space.

Last weekend we invested in a most WONDERFUL thing.    A storage shed.   (yeah, I know... whoop-dee-doo.    A shed.    Seems like just yesterday, I got excited about new shoes........ oh well)     But OH what a GLORIOUS THING!!!!!!     Now instead of unloading, hauling up and down, dragging all of this.....

NOW, I can just back in and unload it HERE!!!!

4.5x7ft of WONDERFUL, waterproof, lockable, local storage space!!!  

                        How convenient is that!!!!!!!!?????      (Frisco decided the picture needed a little more interest :o)

                             Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    :o)  

I know, I know, it's not jewelry.  You're saying..  "it's just a shed"..... But I can spend more time MAKING jewelry, and less time unloading, dragging, unpacking, stacking and storing show equipment.   ... oh, and spending more time with these guys. 
 (Why oh why did we not do this YEARS ago??)
      Although no time has been available lately to make jewelry, or get beads glazed and fired, a new enameled set was finished...  And since this IS a jewelry blog.... thought maybe I should end with it.

Pink and purple sure aren't my favorite colors, but I can't keep it in stock when I have it. So, pink it is!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey I love our storage shed. It does just what it is suppose to do and makes life easier.

Bobbie said...

That is not just a shed -- that is the pre-show salvation of your sanity, the relief for your formerly aching back, and an instant boost in your efficiency, all wrapped up in a lovely, lockable and accessible package!

stacilouise said...

I would be super excited about that too! We haul everything to the back of the basement through the garage, unless I have a bunch of shows in a row, then its all crammed in the back of the garage. I'd love to have a shed just for my show stuff!

Kelli said...

Bobbie, you are SO very right!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I love it! Bill invested in a little trailer before he retired from teaching. He loves it! It is perfect for his supplies and still has extra room. He used to have to strategically put everything in the back of his SUV. I love your little shed :o)

Jen Judd said...

The joy of storage! I'm in move-in mode at my new house and it feels amazing to be able to house everything in its own place and not all jammed into the back of closets never to be seen again. :)

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