Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paying Attention to Inspiration

Sometimes there are moments in life where you just have to slow down and put the pieces together...

Like years of doodling lines and making parts thicker. Which you know you have done that too - right? I did the above in an iPad drawing app (paper 53 is what the icon says).

And realizing that you have been collecting the tools - and purposefully gathering supplies...

Then just finding the time to sit and work those ideas out... Hammer in hand - banging through it, seeing the metal change looks and feels like magic - is this something I am creating? Was this not just something on paper?

And then picking up pieces and putting them together to have a finished project.

Mind you, not a final project - but rather a starting point where finishing one design opens a floodgate of ideas and confidence to try new things. To open yourself up to ideas that may have needed to in fact get drawn into a sketchbook for more looking at down the road when time allows.

I feel like recently I have been motivated and inspired by so many, and want to take a brief moment to say Thank You to a few women I consider great friends:

Thanks to Nikki Thornburg for showing me her wire frame (which she saw a variation somewhere - as we are all inspired by each other). I love how she is inspired to make artistic and high quality work - easy for anyone as she is so willing to demonstrate techniques on the fly. I cannot wait to be selling my work with her work at Bead and Button (booth #610) in June.

To Staci Louise for making such awesome work (including a lot of my new ceramic work).Her enthusiasm for creating her one of a kind pieces is contagious and makes me want to create. And I always feel special whenever I wear her jewelry. Connected to my friend and the great online community of artists & beady friends it reminds me of.

And to Brenda Schweder for her timing and skill at coming out with "Now that's A Jig", her Steel Wire Jewelry book, and having supplies at Bead Fest August and April where I have been getting more supplies, tools, jig forms, and inspiration. Steel has always been present in my life and I am delighted to be making a friend of it rather than be intimidated anymore. Questions are being answered and my confidence is growing.

And for everyone else in my life, however little or small the interaction - it all has an effect & I am determined to always find the positive - even through the struggles.

Hope your inspiration hits too as you try new things & fail at many attempts (as that is how you learn, gain experience, and find your voice by working through it)...


Kathy Lindemer said...

I just downloaded the app. I hope it inspires me to create with wire.

Rising Designs said...

hi Marsha, can you recommend a good wig jig type thingy, please?

Linda said...

Wonderful post, Marsha! Lately I have found myself doodling shapes in a journal and noticing shapes more intentionally in my environment. Not sure where this is going. I'm just letting it unfold at its own rate. I'd love to hear a wire jig recommendation too, btw.

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

The wire jig in the photos is Brenda's "Now That's A Jig".

The only one I have (those goofy plastic ones from the craft store just break and can be used for super soft wire while they last).

This one by Brenda stands on it's own - quite literally. It is an investment tool - but well worth it!

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