Thursday, May 9, 2013

Old is New

by Staci L. Smith
I am sure with Pinterest you guys have seen hundreds of these, "Remake your old Jewelry displays" things.  However, I was still pretty happy with my display make over.
I had old white faux leather displays, that were now so dirty, even clorox couldn't clean them up

 They had tears and divets, and stains and tree sap on them.  Worst of all, my ring display is the ONLY one I had, and there was no time to get a new one.  So, I did what any artists may do, and I took out some handy dandy acrylic paint in a shade of brown, and painted them.
I used a papertowel and just gobbed it on, and as I began to wipe it off, it kinda looked like faux wood. 

Easy peezy.  Not sure how long until this coating gets all banged up, but for now, they are new again!

Do you have any display re-models that you'd like to share?  Hop over to our facebook page and add your links to the post.  We'd love to see everyones creativity and gleen some inspiration.


Shirley Moore said...

That's really cool! Looks like they were always wood. Good job!

Gaia Copia said...

I love the rustic look of these. They'll fit in so well with the rest of the feel of your table.

I'm on the verge of breaking out the paint to refinish one of my necklace busts. It was skin tone velvet and I glued tan tissue paper all over it and sealed it with golden modge podge but it came out waaayyy to gold looking and not time worn. This post has me juiced up to give it a treatment!

Genea said...

You're so creative! "Necessity is the mother of invention"! They look great! What to recycle! xo Genea

Petra said...

that just brilliant, and the faux wood looks even better than white leather

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I love what you did with them! They look terrific :o)

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