Friday, May 24, 2013

Completely WIRED!!

                                                                    by Kelli Pope 

First of all, let me apologize for my late posting this morning, but my adorably, lovely little granddaughter has kept me quite occupied ALL night.  :o)

 My little Makaroni enjoying her breakfast. 

OK... on to wire!  My FAVORITE medium!!!!!  It is SO versatile!!  It can be shaped and bent and twisted and curved into anything you want!!   You can make beads from it, closures, links, bead caps, chains, neck wires, pendants... ANYTHING!!!!!  Whatever shape you imagine, can be formed in wire.   It can be patinated, antiqued, enameled or left bright and shiny! 

 twisted wire waiting to be formed into neck wires
 finished neck wire, awaiting a liver of sulphur bath
  On my jewelry desk (yep, it's really this messy), formed toggles, squiggles, links
  pendants and cut lengths ready to be hammered
              On the workbench, formed silver links, earrings, toggles, and pendant parts waiting to be hammered
  Some finished copper pendants and links ready to be used in jewelry.
one finished piece incorporating some MissFickleMedia patinated chain, link and pendant.


stacilouise said...

I love seeing all that wire on your desk! I try to work in batches too. (really like those flower shapes you make!)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Love it! You just got me in the mood to do the same!!! I like that you create all of that and then decide what to use. My biggest problem with any kind of production is that I try to do one piece at a time and prepare as I go along. I would be much better off to have lots to chose from! Makenna is beautiful and growing up sooooo fast!!!

Kelli said...

Mary ann I initially worked that way but found, as I'm sure you'll remember, when I had LOTS to choose from (like MAC beads) I was more guickly inspired to create. The wire pendants do the same for me.
Thanks! She is pretty wonderful! Can't wait to meet her sister Lily in July :)

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