Friday, May 3, 2013

Cherokee Triangle Art Show

                                                                                                      by Kelli Pope

 This past weekend I was set up in Louisville in Cherokee Park.  BEAUTIFUL location, great show, unfortunately, the weather was not fully on our side!  But we still had a good show, and the fickle Spring weather could not keep the people away.   
( my WONDERFUL sister manning the booth)

Bright colors, anything with pearls, and my flower designs were the hit of this show!!  (thank you Thornburg Bead Studio for the lovely splash of color added to my designs!!)
Our neighbors were charming and funny, and even during down time, we kept each other laughing.  
I've even come up with a new idea for booth design, thanks to one of my fellow artisans, and some brainstorming with my Sis.
  ( HA!  Didn't I just say last year I was finally happy with my set up?) 

Now time to get ready for the next one! 


Jeni Gray said...

Beautiful displays! Awesome jewelry!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Love it! I am loving the copper tubes!!!

Agnes BeaderBubbe said...

Lovely....I would love to have a booth to sell my jewelry. Never did it before; but looking into it...would like to start small as I don't know what I am doing....trying to research it.

Kelli said...

Good luck Agnes its a lot of fun I started small at church, school and community shows.

Anonymous said...

I love your display! Really down to earth and so pretty!

Bobbie said...

Glad it went well for you -- I was so worried about the artists with the crummy weather, but at least there wasn't a microburst storm like last year! I didn't get a chance to come to the show, but I'm glad to hear the crowds were good and willing to buy!

stacilouise said...

Us artists are rarely fine with our set up for more then a year! LOL! Its looks great, I love the natural look of your displays against your geometric wire work and bright colors! Its a wonderful and perfect contrast!

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