Friday, March 22, 2013

Hammering to "destress"

                                                                                                                   by Kelli Pope

I'm currently preparing for an Open House this weekend.  With an extremely busy schedule, and an out of town wedding this past weekend, every spare minute has been spent making jewelry.
 (As you can see, I'm still WAY behind the curve.  Hoping for a really productive day today) 

Tonight as I was pounding on metal, I realized how therapeutic hammering can be.  Not only does it distress the metal, it's a GREAT way to de-stress yourself, especially when you're under the gun....deadline looming! :o)
Our current boot camp is on creating texture.  While below is a very simple example, it's still my favorite. Simply hammered metal, with a ball peen hammer. 
  I started with my pendant and a piece of round sterling silver wire.
 I hammered one end flat, with the flat side of the hammer head......
 then turned the silver over, and textured it with the balled end of the hammer head.  
 I put the pendant on the wire, and will continue with the other side.  (you can see some copper to the right that I have already textured, just waiting to be antiqued or patinated) 

I have purchased 2 texture hammers, that have different patterns on each side of the hammer head.  But I always seem to go back to my handy dandy old ball peen, to get the effect I prefer.   

                                            What's your favorite way to texture?  


stacilouise said...

This is my favorite way to texture as well. It just creates such a natural organic look!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I find that I like my hammer that has circles all over it. I'm going to look for household items to hammer with this weekend! Good luck with the show :o)

Certainty Jewelry said...

Wow, I found this extremely interesting! I don't make my own metal or beads or anything like that, but, well... please look at my blog too :) I just started it recently.

Certainty Jewelry said...

Oops, it's

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