Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Jewelry Boot Camp: Balled Headpin Blog Recap

by Barbara Bechtel

WOW! We're all so excited about the response to our very first Art Jewelry Boot Camp! Staci & I have worked really hard along with the other members here at LMAJ to come up with this new concept and there is always a little trepidation with putting your new idea out there in the Universe to see if it will take root!

Just in case you missed it, last week was our first blog hop, and we invited you to share what you have learned or challenged yourself to based on our current challenge, the balled headpin.

Not just for wire wrapping dangles, we challenged you to innovate with the balled headpin: begin making your own, double balling them, trying different metals, and using them in other ways!

Let's take a look over some of my personal favorites from the blogs and see what neat solutions and challenges were made and conquered!

Romantic Headpins with Balled Headpin WrapsGaia Copia made these stunning organic and sparkly combination polymer heapins with balled headpin embellishments!

Sterling Silver Balled Headpin Chandelier EarringsLove the subtle and sweet complexity of these handmade chandelier earrings by Libellula Jewelry!

Swirl EarringsI think turning balled wire into its own element and giving a bit of texture is a wonderful and creative solution! by silverniknats

If you missed participating, stay tuned! We'll be revealing our next new challenge in a few short weeks, followed by lots of tips and tutorials to inspire!


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I love your choices! I think this is such a great idea! I wish I came up with it..... lol!

Stacie said...

This was really a great idea...kudos to you all for working so hard on it!!

stacilouise said...

Everyone did sooo well with it!

supere67 said...

Well, I didn't get my torch in time (thought we already had one in the shed? - but no - so hubby went out and bought me one.) But I did try it out, with beginners success. I was able to accomplish the rosy copper look too. Yay! I did find that brass and bronze will ball up. My silver plated copper balled up too (probably because there's less silver than in the silver fill), but the ball was copper colored. However, niobium nor titanium ball up. I think they have a higher melting point. But I enjoyed the first jewelry boot camp challenge!

stacilouise said...

Erica- you can still add your blog to the blog hop if you want, I'd love to see what you did!

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