Friday, January 25, 2013

Mass production

                                                                                                                                 by Kelli Pope

          Out of show season is the time to build up my stock of beads, pendants and findings.  I am very blessed to have studio space and a supportive husband at home, but am also blessed to have a FABULOUS sister, who supports my creative passion.  Sue lives about 2 hours from me on a wonderful spread in Kentucky.  Her place is a "retreat" for me.  I escaped to her place last weekend, and could feel stress start to melt away as I pulled up the long driveway to her house.   She and her husband Jim allow me a "studio" away from home.  I arrived with clay and tools, ready to play for 3 1/2 days.   I made beads, beads, charms, pendants  and more beads, while she delighted in making pendants.     I have no idea how many we made, but it's definitely a huge stash.  (We probably could have made more, but breaks HAD to be allowed to love, adore and hug her 4 dogs who hung out with and inspired us.  :o)
First bisque firing cooled in the kiln

pendants waiting to be glazed

                 left-very small sample of the hundreds of beads
  right- small charms and links 

36 oz bowls of pendants, beads 

Boy, do I have a lot of glazing to do!!!
Next blog, I'll show you how some of the finished product looks with some of Steve's enameled headpins***  


Stacie said...

wow...I can't even imagine being able to do this with metal...but I am taking a lost wax casting class next week...hopefully can increase my production !!!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Love them, Kelli! I have just started getting into the clay again! It's a long process, but the results are always worth it. Make sure to take pics of this batch when done :o)

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Wow. I envy you. The clay is wonderful but the time with your sister is absolutely priceless!! Cherish it and her. <3

Karen Williams said...

What a wonderful way to build up your inventory while enjoying life! Clay has never been my medium, but I sure love seeing what others come up with!

Linda said...

That's an impressive amount of new stock! Yea!

stacilouise said...

I love seeing everything in bulk like this!!! and how fun to be able to create with a friend!

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