Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are you ready to dive in?

It's a new year...the Holiday rush is over and now we're supposed to hit the pavement running with vigor and zest and crank out that product, market those earrings, start that new shop promotion.  Are you ready?  No?
Me neither.  How do you plan to get ready?

I'm going to:

~ Clean up my studio
~take inventory of my enamels and order some I'm out of
~Decide what new technique I want to master during the weeks of this year
~Decide what to make first
~procrastinate a while

...and have some tea.

No...I'm not even ready to write a more informative post.  I will get there...eventually.  But for right now, I feel the need to rest.


mairedodd said...

thank you, julie for sharing this -
i am feeling a bit zapped of energy myself... in fact, today i finished up a 2012 project! so am a bit pleased...
like you, an inventory of sorts needs to be taken to wrap my brain around what is possible in the upcoming year!
wishing you all the best -

Janet Bocciardi said...

Awww.. love the bear and certainly have been feeling that need to plop and be left alone, too. I am on the other side now though ... I think. Best wishes for a great new year.

AliMc said...

mmmhmm, hibernation season :). Working on cleaning up and making a new plan here to (in between naps, lol)

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