Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bead Candy

 I hope everyone has a great holiday! I have family issues so I am posting a post from my blog about some great beadmakers that everyone should know. I hope you enjoy!

 Here are some of MY favorite beadmakers that everyone should know. 

First is Kate Fowle. One of our historic beadmakers who blazed the trail for all of us. She is also drawn to nature, and many of her beads are pod like, and she was a major influence in my interpretation of pods. 

Barbara Becker Simon has always pushed the envelope for me. She has something new at her booth each year I see her. Not only are her beads killer but her jewelry design is spot on.

Harold Williams Cooney or Happy Harold is a beadmaking stud. He puts out an amazing amount of work and each piece is baller.
Since I am a cold working fool and love me a belt sander his cold working is drool worthy. My sister collected his work and when she bought a special piece Harold would write a note to  thank her for supporting him in his passion to create.

 Jim Jones is my hero. Probably one of my favorite bead artist ever
(and I tell him that every year, plus his wife Lani is not to shabby either!). He is another one of our historic beadmakers, at it for over 23 years. I would love to say he influences my work but my work doesn't even come close. Lately he has been doing Steampunk beads. They are beyond!

1 comment:

mairedodd said...

oh, my gosh, libby - these are all just so incredible -
i have a deep admiration for this kind of work - that piece of kate's looks like a tiffany window the way it is all framed...

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