Friday, November 9, 2012

Got a Shop? - CYBER MONDAY SALE - Join in.....

by MaryAnn Carroll

If you can say "yes" to one of the two questions below, we would love for you to join in to promote the love of creating handmade with handmade.

1. Do you create handmade beads/components?
2. Do you create jewelry using all or mostly all handmade components (whether it is your own or from other artists)?

If you are interested in joining us for our 1 day CYBER MONDAY SALE, to not only create traffic to your shop, but also bring continued recognition to the concept of ~creating handmade with handmade~ please continue reading.


1. Use the inlinkz link below and type in the necessary information.

2. On the day of the actual sale and any days up to the sale, advertise this sale on Facebook, Twitter, your shop, blog, etc.

3. Your shop must include items that are mostly created with handmade. It does not have to be handmade that you create, but make sure that the artists are recognized in the item description.

4. If you do create items other than~handmade with handmade, please renew the items that meet the requirement on the sale day so that they appear first in your shop order.

5. If you are going to do what is listed in #4 above, please make note of that in your shop announcement since this is a sale promoting independent artists.

6. Use coupon codes ARTJEWELRY or ARTBEADS in the beginning of whatever percentage you want to take off. For example, I want to run a 20% off sale. I will use coupon code ARTBEADS20.

7. If you are selling from a site that does not have the coupon code option, please be creative when offering your discount.

8. On CYBER MONDAY provide a link back to this blog: on your blog or shop announcement, so that people can easily find their way back here to access other shops.

9. JUST ADDED: If you have a blog and want to add the inlinkz photo list for this sale to your post, click HERE to get the code.

Sound like fun?

How about adding even more fun?

If you would like an advertisement button on our blog for one month beginning Cyber Monday, please contact us (see sidebar for contact) with a picture and a description of your donation. I will need the shop you want the ad to link to as well as a description of the donation. This will be open to the first 10 people who would like to contact us. Ads will be listed in the order received.

This GIGANTIC giveaway that will begin on Cyber Monday (November 26th) at 7 am EST and end on the same day at 9 pm EST.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to clarify.

As always..... Thank-you for supporting those who create handmade with handmade,


1 comment:

Genea said...

I'm really excited to have joined! Just posted this on my blog! Happy Holidays and Sales everyone! xo Genea

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