Friday, October 26, 2012

Stepping in for Kelli.

Kelli is off on an adventure so I am stepping in for her.
I saw Staci's great post about trends in jewelry and thought of something new that I saw at the ISGB conference this summer.
They are Regaliz Leather bracelets and they are super fun!

 You can buy the supplies on several websites like Artbeads
and Antelope BeadsWhat is really nice is Antelope Beads
has a great video on how to make one.

So not only are these cool looking but as a glass bead artist they are now making mandrels in sizes which will fit over the leather! So now I can make them unique with my own beads.

Which got me thinking that many of the polymer clay artist could also make some pretty cool beads that could slip over the leather. 
I also though some of our metal artist could also make some pretty cool components to accent the bracelets. 

You can also add some bright rubber o rings to spice them up even more. Whats even better is I made one of these in black with simple silver accents for my daughters boyfriend. It has always been so hard to make anything for a guy but I do think these do seem to fill the bill. 

So I am hoping to make some of these and post some pictures later in the month. I would love to see some pictures and ideas from our readers!


Linda Y said...

Love your post Libby. I discovered Regaliz this past summer also and I love it however no being a bead maker or component maker I struggle to get beads that are large enough to fit the leather. This is a great idea - hopefully bead maker will be coming up with more large holed beads in the future.

mairedodd said...

i have seen the licorice leather and really like it -
the potential here is great to create some fantastic work with handmade beads - i love the orange and green one!

Anonymous said...

Lots of room here for different styles! I see nuts and bolts and washers for an industrial type manly bracelet. I see lots of potential for clay and glass both. Thanks!

Kelli said...

Thanks Libby!!! Back from a much needed vacation! d Some of my large hole ceramics would look great here also!!!!!

Cheryl Roe said...

Wondering where to get the mandrel in oval shape to make glass beads for the leather?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Your bracelets and beads are gorgeous!

Lecia Woessner said...

Thank you for sharing these bracelets! I immediately thought about making one for my son! It is hard for me to come up with ideas for men's jewelry but I think that these bracelets are perfect!

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