Thursday, October 4, 2012

permission to whine

mary jane dodd


what do you deplore doing as a part of your jewelry making?

come on, there must be something... 

for me, it is making ear wires - and judith glende and i used to laugh about that... 

is it the stinky liver of sulphur?

wire wrapping?

here's your chance to whinge amongst peers!


Alice said...

Ok, you asked for it.



Setting up and tearing down shows

My timidness at trying new techniques

Amy Nicole said...

I love to make earwires! But I hate making headpins and jumprings.

Amy Nicole said...

I love to make earwires! But I hate making headpins and jumprings.

Coffeefreek53 said...

I hate sanding.............period.

Shanti Johnson said...

Ok i come out of the shadows to comment. I hate stamping dates! Ok I said it! I design a line of recovery jewelry and the date: month, day, year is really key for the client and it sometimes takes me like 9-10 wasted pieces b4 i get it right! Seriously frustrating. But when i do itz bliss!TY for this post luv ur work Mary Jane!

OriginalBorski said...

I hate cleaning up, whether I am cleaning up my area to make room for more projects or cleaning up after a show.

And I dislike photos, not that I mind taking them, they just always turn out horrible. I still have yet to post anything on a blog because of this. I guess I just need a new camera... *sigh*

But I LOVE the high I get from completing beautiful pieces that other people actually admire as well. That feeling makes up for any and all the frustations.

Shelby Foxwell said...

I hate polishing pieces after oxidizing...steel wool falling to pieces all over the place, filthy dirty hands, and getting in those crevices...I hate it!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I personally hate when the wire is too stiff for me to wrap and I end up chewing it up only to have to cut it off and start all over! I am not a fan of sanding either :o)

Libellula Jewelry said...

For me, it's the hand polishing that comes after LOS. I'm sensitive to latex and have to wear nitrile gloves but they make my hands sweat *a lot* so, I end up taking them off. You can imagine how icky my hands end up looking after polishing a hundred pairs of ear wires!

SummersStudio said...

Oh, God, I think ear wires have to be at the top of my list. And no it's not the LOS. It's that you have to make pairs and then you have to finish pairs and the wires are so tiny and my hands get tired....and I could whinge on and on and on about ear wires :-)

Christine said...

Really hats using the steel wool after LOS!

Julie Holmes said...

Stoning down the enamel...and my thumb at the same time!

Sherri Stokey said...

OK, you asked for it:

Making the same item over and over
Writing descriptions & listing (takes times away from making new stuff!)

All better now:) Thanks!

Erin Keane said...

I make journals, not jewelry, but my absolute least favorite part is the final stage of preparing items for sale. Labeling prices, hanging tags, writing product descriptions, entering inventory codes, and packing for the gallery. UGH! I just want to be in my right brain! :)

stregajewellry said...

Taking pictures and writing the descriptions. WAHHHH

MoonRae said...

Are you sure you wanna know what I HATE??!! Repairing other people's jewelry!! I make it, I don't fix it....well, actually I do fix it, but if I wanted to be a bench jeweler(which I could, but don't want to!!!)I'd be working in some fancy store/shop making the better bucks working in the back....
Do I seem a little maaad?? it happened today at my "real" job, ya know, the one that helps pay for my supplies hehehe
A woman came in asking for Sharon and when I went to talk to her she told me one of the girls I work with gave her my card (yeah,thanks alot Diana!!)Soooo,
"You make jewelry??"
"Yes ma'am, I do"
She sticks out a plastic bag,
"I need you to fix this stuff"
"Is it something I made????)
"No, but I need it fixed"
"What is it???"
"Just some broken jewelry...."
So I look in the bag only to see,I dunno, maybe 10,15, hell it might've been 20 broken chains(all tangled up, OF COURSE)and some other crap(I'm sorry)
"Well how much is it gonna cost?"
"Yeah, how much is it gonna cost and when will it be finished?"
"Ma'am, this isn't really what I do......."
"Diana said you made jewelry?"
"Yes ma'am, I MAKE it, not really fix it, UNLESS, I created it...."
"So, you're NOT going to fix this?"
"No ma'am,I'm sorry" (WTF,WHY am I sorry?????? I truly was,but WHY ladies, tell me,WHY????)
"BUT I THOUGHT YOU made jewelry!!!??"
"Yes ma'am, I make jewelry....."

Oh, I feel so much better!!!
I want to thank you, my husband wants to thank you,even my dog would thank saved them from the rant that was forthcoming when they get home......

stacilouise said...

CLASPS, EARWIRES, PRICING and recleaning things that don't sell. I pretty much love everything else.

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