Monday, October 15, 2012

heart work - strut your stuff monday

i chose these beautiful examples of personal work this week - 

both designers made jewelry for people they care about (which ups the ante incredibly, i think)... both took great care with the texturing of the pieces and the finer details that make the pieces so meaningful...

The shape was inspired by a Buddha that I have that belonged to my grandfather. It is a shape that is painted around the Buddha which I decided to use here. Hidden behind the onyx is a gift from my sister and myself so that my mother would have a piece of us with her always.
The texture was made with tools that were hand made by myself.

Commission by a friend who tends to like more traditional jewelry, not art or funky jewelry. I took a long time to start working on piece, as I wanted her to be happy with it, but I also wanted it to be something from me.
She selected the cab and showed me a SW belt buckle she has that she loves. She loves to garden and has a large flower garden. She and I are a little shy so our friendship has developed slowly. She's one of the strongest and sweetest people I know.
So... the cab was large so I didn't want to create something she'd never wear due to the end size. I used metal clay to easily put a pattern on the back. I feel the end result is representative of our growing friendship.


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