Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some books I love.

Times are tough. Money is tight. Silver is getting lower in price but still high. So whats a jewelry designer to do. Many are changing over to using more of the base metals and I for one love it. 
I think the tightening of the belts have made artist think outside of the box, get creative and use up what they have.  Using found objects is very now and looks so cool. There are some who do it well and then some who take it to a whole new level.

I have several artists whom I love and one of my favorites is Susan Lenart Kazmer. In my opinion she kind of started it all. I used to have a booth next to her YEARS ago at Bead and Button and she was the first artist that I saw that used found objects in a unique and artistic way.  Her book Making Connections is a must have and contains tons of information. 
If you can, take her class. She has several at Bead and Button and they fill up super duper fast.

Another favorite is Robert Dancik.  Can you say OMG. This guy rocks. He has spoken at two of my beadmakers conventions and each time I was glued to my seat. I was unable to take a class but someday I hope too. He also has a great book called Amulets and Talismans.
It is another must have. Plus his website is packed with great info and his great product Faux Bone. Check it out. 

Another site I love to go to is Richard Salley.
When you go there check out the Gallery pages. His work is getting more refined. and to be honest I love his early stuff. There is also a tutorial on the site and a list of publications he has appeared in. 

So if you have some books to recommend please list them. I am a little obsessed with books like these and could always use some new titles.

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stacilouise said...

A woman after my own heart, three of my favorites as well! I love the direction jewelry has taken in the last 10 years, with new materials, and a new consumer awareness of handmade and recycled / found objects in jewelry.

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