Saturday, July 14, 2012

my modus operandi

mary jane dodd

so i think i have learned my lesson, to not get mad at myself anymore, to accept my pattern

i have a rather large project i want to make to submit to an exhibit... i have it in my head, but the time has come to start executing... you know, that moment of tension and excitement pulled so taut you feel like your insides are going to snap?

so i did what i seem to do  

which quite simply is

something completely unrelated and new!

i started carving - i chose a lotus because i love that symbol for many reasons... i used a pink eraser (wrong) for the first one... 

lotus and 'om' in siddham script
then i used a white eraser

'om' as above and sun/moon/flame

and was able to achieve the effect of woodblock cutting a bit more, i think... 

then i used the carving blocks 

'om' seated on lotus
and now i am addicted...

i had been wanting to make my own stamps to use for metal etching, but also for paper work... 

so there you have it!

does your brain force you to have some play time before an intense project? 


Shelby Foxwell said...

That is great advice! Not to get irritated with yourself...but easier said than done! You are so very talented! Such a beautiful carving. I can't help but to think that you will be using this technique in your project.

Alice said...

I'll bet it felt wonderful to try something new. Your stamp is beautiful! This looks like fun!

Izzy said...

I think this is a perfect outlet for you. I tend to avoid intense projects all together. =)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

love that!!! Perfect example of letting the imagination go.... I can't wait to see what comes from this! Don't for get to share :o)

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