Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Strut Your Stuff Monday!

As usual, the entries in our Strut Your Stuff Flickr pool are amazing!  Feast your eyes on these beauties!

By "All Wired Up Jewelry Designs"

About this piece:
Rose Cut Ruby Sterling and 18k Gold

Created on a roll pattern wide sterling band, 18k bezel, trimmed with 14k gold berries and leaves- the leaf opposite the one shown is slightly larger. Ruby is 8mm round rose cut.
I actually took the pic when the rain started because I thought the raindrops would match the pattern on the band. I sort of like the photo.

By "For My Sweet Daughter" 
About this piece:


How could you not be inspired by this etched copper bird on a wire family? I added the 3 lamp work glass beads to represent each of the existing family members and the egg in the nest is to represent that there is to be a new family member in the future. We are trying to have another child so yes this is representative of my own family.

By" Supere67"
About this piece:

Extreme Ice

The NOVA documentary Extreme Ice follows photojournalist James Balog as he documents the runaway melting of arctic glaciers. When I saw this documentary, I was struck by the beauty and colors of these endangered icebergs. They weren't just white - there were vibrant hues of aqua, teal, and turquoise. These colors are caused when the air in old ice is compressed out and there are no longer reflective surfaces to reflect the white light. (That is an extremely oversimplified explanation!)
In this necklace I tried to capture the colors of these icebergs as a reminder of their uncertain future. I chose sea glass and slag glass because their colors were so similar to the colors in the icebergs, and also since they have been tumbling about in the water for a long time, like the icebergs.
-Dark teal slag glass, collected and hand drilled by Val, Stone Me on etsy
-Sea glass in white and pale aqua, found and hand drilled by Tim and Tiff, Lake House Beach Glass on etsy
-Aqua sea glass chips, found by Sandy, Sea Pillow Treasures on etsy, hand drilled by me
-Snow quartz rondelles
-Moonstone rondelles
-Rock crystal rondelles
-Amazonite rounds
-Turquoise ceramic bead made by Mary Ann Carroll, Artisan Beads Plus on etsy
-White bumpy snowball ceramic bead, speckled blue ceramic bead and white with blue sprigs ceramic bead by Natalie Pappas, NKP beads on etsy
-White geometric ceramic beads and white round ceramic beads by Ingrid Mueller, potterygirl1 on etsy
Necklace displayed on a beautiful turquoise bowl made by Mary Ann Carroll's husband, Bill Perrine of Splitfire Pottery on etsy.
These are only a few of the fabulous entries.  Our winner will be announced next Monday!  Please be sure to check back to see who wins!
Are you ready to strut your stuff? 
Check out the sidebar for directions, and the EXCELLENT prizes for this month. **Remember, to give a description of your thought process, while creating your jewelry or beads/components. We really want everyone to share their creative thinking. And a description is necessary to be in the prize running.** Thanks, as always, for creating and supporting "handmade". 


stacilouise said...

Thanks so much for posting for me dear!!!! Great pics!

Julie Holmes said...

Anytime :) I love these entries too, and the stories with them. These artists really put thought into their creations.

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