Thursday, June 28, 2012


Staci L. Smith

Have you heard of this site, Polyvore?

It is all about fashion.  Now, I'd like to say I am strictly an artist, creating the things that come from my soul alone.  But, I am not.  I make things that would look fab with my new skirt, or to match my new purse, ect.......

When I was younger, I loved the mall (oh the horror, I can't stand it now).  I loved making imaginary outfits from the tops and pants, to the purses and shoes.

Now there is a place to do this, and its call Polyvore.  I guess I am late on the bandwagon for this, but OH, I am in love.

 Why do I write about this here, on Love my Art Jewelry?  Because look what you can do!  This can be a great tool to promote your jewelry, to create an image for it, and to show people how it can look with a complete outfit.  I know for me, with my jewelry being a bit bold, and at times, off the wall, people can be intimidated, saying, "I have no idea what I'd wear that with".  Now they can.

Purple Dreams

Purple Dreams by stacilouise featuring twist jewelry

I created this to match my necklace.

And this one.....
Sea Side Set

Sea Side Set by stacilouise featuring a long jersey skirt

And this one................

Gorgeous Grey

Gorgeous Grey by stacilouise featuring flat shoes

 I am still new at this, and obviously no collage artist, but its fun, and I will be using it in the future.

Thanks so much to the Bohemian Inspired Weekend Blog event for introducing me to Polymovre and showing me how it can be used as a business tool.


Libellula Jewelry said...

That's a great idea, Staci. I think I'll give it a try this weekend.

Rising Designs said...

Love all of it!

Stacie said...

I haven't had a chance yet to mess around with it...but I love what you have done!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

That's really cool, Staci. When I first started my addiction with beads and making jewelry, I used to stay up late making a necklace that would match what I wanted to wear the next day. That used to be so much fun :o)
I will have to explore the website. I've never heard of it ;o)

stacilouise said...

I warn you all, its very addicting. Like playing dress up without having to buy anything. And you can clip and paste items from the web, so we can even use etsy sellers (I think) to build our accesories and wardrobe! fun fun

mairedodd said...

so how much fun is that? as i have lost almost all control just moving through blogger, i dare not try this - but i really love and appreciate seeing what everyone is making! like paper dolls all grown up!

Julie Holmes said... cool is that!!! I am lousy at putting together outfits, but maybe with a tool like this one I could learn a bit...I think it helps show how stunning your designs are.

Arunincy said...

I like all these collections,especially that acrylic ring,wood grain texture pendant and escher's bird.I like this type of modern jewelry very much.

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