Monday, May 28, 2012

Look who's strutting their stuff!

Friendship Necklace
by our very own Staci Louise Smith! Staci says about this piece: Glass bead was a gift from Genea of Genea beads. I wanted to wear it right away- it was so sweet of her to think of me and choose this awesome bead for me. I thought the bronze donut complimented it nicely, adding more of that ancient feel to it. I pulled out the purples in the bead using sari silk and garnet. I love it and everytime I wear it I think of what a sweet gesture it was to recieve this bead and our friendship.
Woodgrain Texture Silver Pendant
Our next piece comes from David Curoe and David says about this piece: This piece was made using a computer program that takes an image, applies relief based on contrast, then produces a set of instructions for a different program to use that controls a CNC milling machine to cut the shape out of wax. This wax is then cast with the lost wax method to produce a rough silver piece. This pendant took about 90 minutes for the machine to carve the wax form. The wax was cast to sterling silver and I cleaned and polished it up. My intention was to create a wood texture but I have been told that this piece looks like a scene from space (galaxies) or watermarks.
Are you ready to strut your stuff?? Check out the sidebar for directions, and the EXCELLENT prizes for this month. **Remember, to give a description of your thought process, while creating your jewelry or beads/components. We really want everyone to share their creative thinking. And a description is necessary to be in the prize running.** Thanks, as always, for creating and supporting "handmade".


Julie Holmes said...

Beautiful work Staci and David! I thought it looked like wood right off the bat David...but I can see galaxies too. Staci, your necklace really does have that ancient feel. I love that look.

mairedodd said...

terrific work - david, your process is really fascinating - thank you so much for sharing your work!

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