Wednesday, May 9, 2012

guest post - lori anderson

Blogging Your Art Out

I've been making jewelry for about eight years, but long, long before that, I was a writer.

(one of my vintage typewriters)

I've had a love of books since I was a child, and if I had to make a choice between beads or books -- heaven help me, but I'd choose books. Books help me escape.

Books teach me things. Books, in some instances, have brought me closer to the author, resulting in email conversations and letters in the mail that I cherish.

(The library section of my living room.)

I've also written journals for years. Not only have they been chock-full of stories, musings, and a fair amount of dreams, they've been pasted up with photos and bits of ephemera that take me back to a certain day out (a ticket stub) or a special meal (chopstick wrappers). There are so many things I don't want to forget!

(a variety of my journals over the years)

But in 2005, I discovered blogging, and a whole new world opened up to me. Not only could I write, but now I could SHARE. There were so many things I wanted to say, to ask, to ponder, but no one to bounce ideas to and have them come back. With blogging, I found a huge world of like-minded people I could not only share my writing with, but share my burgeoning jewelry designs, my new Bead Soup Blog Party blog hop, book reviews, and even (and especially!) the most random of thoughts.

(one of my jewelry designs with my own enameled beads)

This year, I wrote my first eBook, "Following the Path", a 59-page book with tons of photos, ideas, and blog prompts for creative writing. I wanted to share my love of writing with anyone who felt stuck in a rut, and the book is full of photos from a lot of fellow bloggers. Just as I've enjoyed sharing my love of beads and jewelry design with anyone who will listen, I'm now thrilled to share my love of writing with new and seasoned bloggers alike.

Blogging has helped me as a jewelry artist by getting my name and photos out into a far larger world than my jewelry web site could ever reach. Writing my blog has opened doors to book publishers -- for instance, my first beading book, "Bead Soup", comes out this fall via Kalmbach Publishing thanks to the Bead Soup Blog Party postings. I've met some of the MOST amazing people from all walks of life via the comments section of my blog. I've found a LOT of wonderful bead-makers to buy from by visiting their blogs, most of whom I never would have known about but for their blogging.

Some people choose to keep their blog focused on a centric point, while others are more random, covering a variety of subjects. I love them all and spend a large chunk of my day "listening" to people talk. Blogging brings the world to my computer, which is wonderful as my world-traveling days seem to be over. Plus, no need to spend $3,217.15 on a plane ticket anymore!

(Venice, Italy)

Ultimately, I find blogging to be not just a cathartic outpouring of the heart, but a way to teach what I know and to learn so much more from other bloggers. Blogging gets your name out into the world. Blogging reaches more people than you know. And blogging can be a wonderful way to express yourself in art.

So blog your art out.

(all photos by Lori Anderson)

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stacilouise said...

Your love of writing and people shows in all in you do. I love how you put yourself out there, in a humble, honest way.

I have met so many wonderful people through blogs. Its a wonderful thing!

Thanks for guest posting:)

mairedodd said...

thank you, lori, you write and write about writing beautifully... i admire the fact that you have kept up journals - and have green eyes for that library wall in your home!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Wonderful post Lori. I enjoy your blog so much and its an inspiration!

Izzy said...

I might just have to check out that ebook of yours since my own personal blog is not really blogging, it's more like babbling. =) Thanks for stopping by and sharing today!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Thanks, Lori! During the time of my life where I was writing more on my own blog, I really enjoyed it. It has since slipped away waiting to be brought back to life. I will one of these days..... I just have to find my "groove thing" again in more places than one ;o)

Stacie Florer said...

I bought Lori's book and it has some great ideas and prompts for writing...thank you Lori for guest blogging here today! Your awesome enthusiasm and passion for all things creative are inspiring, as well as your ongoing quest for authenticity!!!

Jean A. Wells said...

Lori, you are a treasure to us all.

Everything you do and say has such a giving spirit - I swear, there must not be a selfish bone in your body.

Julie Holmes said...

Lori, I have only recently found your blog but I love it! Your open honesty is so refreshing, your work is fabulous and I'm jealous of that pink hair! So glad you posted for us today!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Lori - I really enjoy your blog. It's like having a conversation with a friend. Very open and honest.

Lori Anderson said...

Thanks so much for letting me be a guest!

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