Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting ready for a show

I am on my way to Bead and Button in a couple of weeks. I am making a list and checking it twice. However I remember my first show and how much I didn't know and had to learn the hard way.

I remember looking over at another vendor who was super organized and had everything you could think of. I went over to her booth several times to ask for tape, pins, and extra ribbon for my credit card machine. Thank goodness she was nice and understanding.
So following is a list to help you at your next show:

[ ] Tables and/or table coverings
[ ] Chairs and/or cushions
[ ] Table risers
[ ] Lighting
[ ] Extension cord & power strip
[ ] Booth display items (for hanging necklaces, earrings, etc.)
[ ] Mirror (for customers)
[ ] Comfortable shoes
[ ] Aspirin
[] Duct Tape 

[ ] Kleenex
[ ] Name tag
[ ] Cooler with beverages and snacks (especially water!)
[ ] Packaging materials
[ ] Jewelry tools & wire
[ ] Receipt book
[ ] Calculator
[ ] Extra batteries for calculator
[ ] Guestbook
[ ] Change (Typically $140 is sufficient; 20-$1, 4-$5, 4-$10, 4-$20)
[ ] Cash box
[ ] Credit card processing supplies
[ ] Pens
[ ] Business cards
[ ] Marketing materials
[ ] Inventory list
[ ] Price list
[ ] Trash container
[ ] Camera
[ ] Help (friend or family member)
[ ] Items to sell!       

 Please let me know if you have anything else that is a must have that I have forgotten!


Alice said...

I remember by first show where I was terribly unprepared. Not enough cash (didn't yet have credit card capability).

In addition to your list I take a cleaning cloth just in case there's a bit of oxidation on my sterling. Plus you might need a way to display your business cards, and a notepad for taking notes for customer questions, and general notes from things you discover about that show and ideas from visiting other vendors booths. Also bring some napkins or a cloth to wipe up spills etc from any food that might come into your booth area.

stacilouise said...

Great list. I always take bungee's, string, saftey pins and double sided velcro...and weights! (I am that girl scout next door that has everything you can think of) and for me, music, my ipod and little portable speakers are a must to keep my spirits up (I am usually exhausted by the second day;)

Julie Holmes said...

This is a great list Libby!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Oh my goodness I do need to add cleaning cloths for the silver to the list Alice. I totally bring paper towels and windex too. Also the weights how could I forget the weights.
See the list keeps growing.

KJ said...

Bandaids and probably some sort of hand wipes. Scissors. I bring a small cross body purse for the money. Tax ID.

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