Monday, April 16, 2012

Stuff Strutting in April!!

Check out these great entries! Silk Road Earrings

Silk Road Earrings by Vintajia Adornments
The Silk Road is an historical network of interlinked trade routes extending 4000 miles from the South East Asia, China, India, the Middle East to the Mediterranean and on to Europe.Along this route passed various technologies, religions, philosophies, silk, tea, porcelain, spices, ivory, textiles, precious stones, pepper, gold, silver glassware, wine and slaves.Today intrepid travellers can still follow the old trade routes and experience the wonder and mystery of the lands and the peoples.
Handmade faux brocade in salvaged dark patinaed tin bezel,
Picasso finish czech glass faceted rondelles, African clay beads

..................and from our own StaciLouise........
I finally made some copper flowers, and now I can't seem to stop making them. LOVE them. This is made with them, and some of my loop T loops.

Are you ready to strut your stuff??

Check out the sidebar for directions, and the EXCELLENT prizes for this month.

**Remember, to give a description of your thought process, while creating your jewelry or beads/components. We really want everyone to share their creative thinking. And a description is necessary to be in the prize running.**
Thanks, as always, for creating and supporting "handmade".


Gale said...

I really love StaciLouise's multi-dimensional flowers!

mairedodd said...

really great... i had admired greer's earrings in flickr... and the layering is pretty great- they seem like a lot of fun to make and that is always a good thing!

Alice said...

Gorgeous pieces! Thanks for sharing!

BluMoon said...

Love those layered earrings!

Julie Holmes said...

Both beautiful pieces! I love the flowers StaciLouise, they look like CA poppies!

stacilouise said...

Ahhh........Vintaj Adornments earrings are always such a treat.
Thanks for the feature- I was happy with how the flowers turned out;)

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