Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to find Inspiration

How many times have you had one of those days.
You know the ones, those days where you are just stuck and your creative spark isn't there.

I have had so many people ask me how I come up with new ideas. So here  are my top three ways to get back into the groove.

1) You must keep an artist journal. Go to an art show, Etsy or Barnes and Nobel and get a cute blank journal. I don't know how many times I have seen a neat necklace on a movie, TV show etc and an
idea pops into my head. If I don't sketch it out I will forget it. I also cut out pictures that inspire me and glue them into my book. Believe me I have been creatively stuck and looked though my journal and got some new ideas. 

2) Look to nature, the past, and Google. Yep I said it Google. One of my favorite things to do is to Google images. Of course one of my favorites is Seed Pods. I have found tons of pods and then used them to incorporate them into my work.  I also use nature. This seed pod was growing on our banana tree at work. Isn't it beautiful. Of course this shape appears in a lot of my work. This is the pod
that inspired me to do the Google search of Pods. Try it with a shape you love and see what you come up with.

3) Go to your local Art Museum, Zoo, or Botanical Garden. The last time I went to our art museum I saw a painting of a 16 century woman with a beautiful necklace on. Luckily I had my journal with me knowing I would find something to sketch. Others might find a beautiful flower or fern frond.  Just make sure you have your journal with you.

I would love to hear some of your ideas. Let me know what gets your creative juices flowing.


KJ said...

I love architecture as a source of inspiration.

Alice said...

Great idea! I keep meaning to get a journal but by the time I make it up to the city it has completely slipped my mind.

Lovely photos!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I'm lovin' the Google idea. I also look around in nature as well as on TV. The problem is I don't always sketch it so, yes, I do forget. I'll have to get a journal and start sketching right when I see it. Thanks for the tips!

stacilouise said...

I used to actually cut out pictures that inspired me, either the colors or textures or the subject matter itself. Now I use pinterest;)

I also get inspired quite often by clothing or trends that I see, and I figure out how I could make my style fit with it. And a journal is important. I have many- I draw on whatever is near.

Izzy said...

Great tips. I always carry a small notepad in my purse, just in case. I'm great friends with nature and she always provides inspiration. =)

Kelli said...

Have you ever had an idea at that time in bed just before you fall asleep? HA!! When it first happened to me, I just KNEW I'd remember..... of course, I didn't. The next time, I scribbled it on a piece of paper. At shows, on trips, anywhere it hits me, I'll sketch out my thought. I have a file folder full of scrap paper sketches, photos, etc to inspire me. NOW, I keep a small journal in my purse and by the bed :) (slow learner!)

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