Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am personally more of a necklace girl.  The chunky wild necklaces that I prefer are usually too much with earrings. 

So my earrings to date have been kinda plain and lacking (as a statement piece themselves that is).  They have been made to compliment my necklaces. 

However, my clients aren't all chunky wild necklace ladies.  MANY are earring and bracelet fans. I sold lots of bracelets last year, after not having much the year before.

  So this year, is the year of the earring.  I am excited and hope to create many one of a kind, wild earrings, that can stand alone.................just like my necklaces.

Here are a few pairs I have made already. 

I'm leaning toward dangles and asymetry in the earrings.  I plan to still offer plenty of symetrical pairs, I know some folks just cannot stand their earrings to not match.  I guess growing up in the 80's helped me to accept the mis-matched earrings!

Most all the components I am using are my own or gemstone, shell or natural beads, and I will be throwing in some great handmade pottery beads from other artists too.  The top pair features a  mis-matched set of charms from Starry Road Studio.  I make all my own earwires now, and feel good that I can say they are totally handmade.  (I did use some czech glass on the bottom pair, but they looked so earthy I couldn't pass them by).

So what direction are you going in this season? 
Wiht the start of a new show season, do you focus on a color scheme?  A style?  Or a certain component?


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I was never a big earrings person until the past year. Now that I have short hair, I wear earrings every day to work. I love your simple AND your newest styles too. I agree that if the necklace stands out, you can't have the earrings do the same, so I love the earrings that you made to match you necklace. I wear the creative necklace that you made lots!!! I always get compliments :o)

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I love earrings! I wear earrings all the time, then bracelets, and sometimes necklaces... I love the ideas of things not being symmetrical although I greatly struggle with letting go because my brain is so OCD and wants to see things even. I think there is a balance to being unsymmetrical too - and if you can pull that off (which I think you totally have) you've got something awesome!!!

I'm ready to go get some mis matched bits and pieces pulled together now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda said...

I love earrings and that's how I originally came to jewelry design--I wanted to make my own earrings. Yours are awesome, Staci!

Erika said...

LOVE the top pair! The assymetry is fabulous. Nice job on all of them, Staci!

Genea said...

Oh WOW! The earrings are amazign! I love all of the different styles! I love the showcase of simple like your first sea urchin? pair at the top down to the more complex funky design like the loop wave ones with teh sari silk! they are so organic/industrial, yet earthy too!

I LOVE earrings too! I just seem to come with designs for them so easily. They are like little ear accent art!

Love the asymmetry too, but you know me! ;D

Keep those awesome designs coming!!

xo G

Karen Totten said...

Oh sweet earrings! LOVE what you made with my little ancient relics pieces! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

jimmyrodrics said...

hey these earringa rea so cool and look very classy...I just love this kind of jewelry items that too matching with my favorite dresses..Thanks a lot for sharing!


Libby Leuchtman said...

I seem to get stuck on new ideas for earrings, but you have given me some new ideas. Really nice work. Love each and every pair

Barb Fernald said...

The asymmetric earrings are fantastic. I especially like the first pair.

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