Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A bowl full of topics...

I wish I had something fun to talk about today,
something new I've tried
or seen.
But I haven't been in my studio for ages now.
Instead I've been outside 
enjoying this early spring.
So today I thought I'd put a bowl on the table.
And ask you guys to throw in some topics.
I realize that we have our wonderful
questions and answer forum on the blog
so the topics thrown into the bowl
would be for blog posts you'd like to read.
Whatever you want us to talk about.
This group is made up of 
some pretty talented ladies.
Fountains of knowledge,
ready to share.
So write it down.
Tell us what you want to read about.
Even if you are an expert at ceramic beads,
is there something you want to learn about glass beads?
Perhaps wire wrapping?
You name it, we'll discuss it.
Well, as long as it's something we know.
We can't tell you how to build a house,
or fix a car (I can't at least).
But we can discuss that which we know.
So throw those topics into
that beautiful bowl.
Okay so I know there really is
no bowl there, just pretend that
the comment section below is a 
big, beautiful bowl.  =)

Happy Wednesday!

"All the world is a laboratory 
to the inquiring mind."  
Martin H. Fischer


stacilouise said...

Our spring weather (in march- HA!) has been heavenly! I have been procrastinating to be outside as well. I can' wait to see what people would like to hear about and see!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Can you guys sign your posts? So I know who wrote it. Lol
Anyway I would love some info on craft fairs. I am going to start doing some this summer and am clueless as to what to buy, bring, display etc. How many pieces blah blah.
Hmm, what is the difference between porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, stoneware.
what is the best way to patina brass?
that's all i can think of right now, thanks :-)
oh and can you turn off the captcha, the new 2 word thing is killing me.

Stacie Florer said...

Hi Shannon!
I used to do craft shows and fairs, and the one resource that I feel I can recommend 100% is Rena Klingenberg's book on this subject. I ordered it a few years ago, and if you follow her recommendations, you will be as prepared as possible for a successful craft show. My number one piece of advice is to be able to take credit cards. I like for this...but when I added the ability to accept credit cards, my sales increased by 100%. I also just bought a brass patina from for $5 that I am going to see how it works. Rena's book is here:
Hope that helps!

stacilouise said...

Shannon- my post tomorrow is on craft shows!!!

Cillaw said...

I like any tips I can use. Usually blog post show you something cool then say something like..respect the artist and don't copy anything..

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Even though I'm a member, I would like to see some more about soldering techniques. It is something I do, but could stand to learn more since I really just wing it! Also, I am curious about tumbling copper to harden it. I've never done that and would like to know more.

Leona said...

Hi there, thanks for the opportunity.

I am interested in how to do a bead show - how much stock, how to display beads (and I do mean artisan made beads).

That's all I can think of right now.


Thoughtfulhands said...

Was looking at some beautiful work of Cindy's and she talked about fusing copper never heard of fusing copper only silver this might be cool to know???


pliccb said...

When I antique with LOS, if the piece has resin stabilized turquoise in it, when I put it in the tumbler to burnish, the turquoise sort of burnishes too. The tumbler has stainless steel round shot, a drop of Dawn. The turquoise gets a mirror like sheen, and gets slightly darker. I have been able to remove the mirror sheen with a lot of rubbing but the darker color seems to be there to stay. It is not unattractive, just not the lovely bright blue Nacozari that I put in.

Anyone else dealing with this or have ideas?

pliccb said...

Sorry I forgot to put my name, I am Carol Bartraw

Kelli said...

Would love to hear about embossing from one of our talented ladies :) Been dying to try it, not sure where to start.

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