Monday, February 20, 2012

Strut Your Stuff Monday

by Staci L. Smith

This week I want to highlight these great earrings from our Strut Your Stuff monthly flickr group. 

This is what Vintajia Adornments has to say about her great rustic earrings.

Strange Attractors

Mismatched earrings with white and rust coated polymer clay. Salvaged pewter bail, rhinestone, vintage tin bead caps

 These stood out to me for many reasons.  First, I myself have been working in polymer clay with faux finishes, so, the fact that these rusted beads are polymer drew me in right away.  I haven't seen anything like it before.  Second, I think its wonderful to incorporate recycled pieces into new jewelry.  It takes creativity to visualize an old component in a new way.  And last but not least, I am always drawn to contrast.  The white and rust beads are mis-matched and look like a before and after, and the rust contrasts the bling of the crystals.   Great pieces.

The next one I want to highlight is a piece by our very own Mary Ann Carroll of Artisan Bead Plus.  Every bit of this bracelet is handmade by her.  I just kept coming back to this piece.  In case you missed it, you can read her blog about it here.
She punches and sands each disc, enamels layers and layers until she achieves the perfect look, and then made her own clasp for it, before finally connecting them all with original and rustic style wire wraps.  Its a great piece, and a great example of handmade jewelry from beginning to end.

In other news, the Art Bead Love Tour is moving to its new home with Silver Rose Designs.  
Remember to keep trying, and maybe you will be the next stop on the Art Bead Love Tour!

Happy Monday!


Stacie Florer said...

oh, those earrings REALLY speak to me...great finds, all of them!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Thank-you for the nice compliments about my bracelet, Staci. I also LOVE the earrings that you featured. Now, I'm heading off to see what I missed with the Art Bead Love Tour chain since I haven't been in the swing of things lately. I've got the week off!!!! YAY!!!!

Patti Van said...

Both pieces are beautiful! I really love that bracelet! From the enameling to the is perfect!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Oh wow, thank you for featuring my earrings! Haven't checked Strut your Stuff for a few days - so of some drooling

Kelli said...

YYYUMMMMM!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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