Monday, February 6, 2012

Strut You Stuff February 2012

by staci L. smith

First, lets start off by announcing January's winner........................................................

Lucia Tremont of Caio Lucia.  Congratulations!!!

 (There were eight participants, drew via

Here are a couple of the items that she "strutted" last month

And for those of you who may be new here, this is a re-cap of what Strut Your Stuff is all about, and how you can win.

About STRUT YOUR STUFF - Love My Art Jewelry

A place for jewelry and bead artists to show off their jewelry creations using all handmade components.

Monthly Challenge Rules

1. Take pictures of your current creation and upload it to our flickr pool. (up to 3 per submission). Look for your work to be added to the group when it meets the rules of the challenge.

2. Leave a description of your thought process while creating your jewelry or beads/components. We really want everyone to share their creative thinking so please make sure that you share.

3. Since we are a group promoting "creating handmade with handmade," your jewelry should consist of at least 75% handmade. This doesn't mean that you have to create everything that goes into your piece. You could use beads/components created by other artists. Please give credit to that artist in your description.

4. If your submission will be loose beads/components, it may include any medium that you prefer to make those in. These submissions would also require a description of your creative thought process.

5. You may submit as many pieces as you like in a month, but please note that your name will be put in the hat once for the end of monthly giveaway. And in fairness, you can be chosen only once for designer of the week.

6. This challenge begins the first Monday of each month. Winners from the previous month will be announced the first Monday of the following month. For example January's challenge starts 1/2/12 and the winner announced 2/6/12.

7. Have fun, show off!!

Now for the really fun part- what you can win.  Well, since it is February, there is lots of love up for grabs.  Here are the prizes:

Our own Mary Jane Dodd is donating one "be love" bracelet bar, valued at $15
Mary Ann Carrol made these wonderful enameled hearts just for this occasion, valued at $28
And to keep with the love theme, I (staci) am donating two large bright polymer hearts, one little crackle glaze polymer heart, and two sections of recycled sari silk, valued at $36

Can you feel the love?  I sure can.  So lets get Struttin'!  Don't forget to share a little bit of your thought process, inspiration and what your piece is made of.


Artisan Beads Plus said...

Congratulations, Lucia! I absolutely LOVE your work.... as you know :o)

Izzy said...

Yay, Lucia. Boy, I sure wish I could get in on February's prizes... =)

Hope Amen said...

Lovin the hearts!

Pinx Jewelry said...

That is beautiful!

Jean A. Wells said...

Gorgeous things. These pieces certainly are something to strut about. They are wonderful.

ciaolucia said...

I am so excited to be chosen and especially thrilled to receive prizes from these very talented artists! Many thanks!

Myllya said...

Absolutely amazing pieces! I big thumup for all your gold jewellery work!

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