Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lovely Hearts

by Staci L. Smith

With Valentine’s Day in little under a month, hearts are on my brain. 

I was never really fond of hearts, though I had many requests for them in my jewelry through the years.  So, about two years ago, I thought I'd try to make some hearts, but I'd try to do it in my own style.  The more I thought of them, and the more I saw that they all didn’t have to be so “typical” or “standard” the more I began to like them. They can be tattered and worn, like our hearts may be.  They can be bright and full of hope, and mostly they can have wings (my favorite)   I mean, after all, they represent love.  Love in all its glory…………….. All its pain…………….. All its strengths………….all its frailty.  So I guess you can say I had a change of heart about them awhile back.

So enjoy these lovely heart beads below.  And while we are on the topic of love, spread a little today.  The world needs more of it.  Say it proud…………….I LOVE YOU, and know you made a difference.  Treasure it, never take it for granted, and may it always surround you.


“All You Need Is Love”
-The Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
(click on the photos to go to the shop)
Glass heart by Genea

Lovely pewter heart by Mamacita

by felted hearts Dreamtrappings

ceramic beads and heart by  Ktotten

by Joan Miller Porcelain

 Polymer Heart by Menagerie Studio

Raku Heart by Maku Studio
Bronze Winged Heart Cuff Component by me

So- are you preparing for valentines day in your shop this year?
I am, but I didn't get pics done yet of my progress

What kind of hearts are you drawn to in your designs?

I tend to go for earthy or winged hearts my self.


MAKUstudio said...

Yes, "love is all we need"! Thank you so much for featuring my raku heart on the amazing LMAJ blog!

mairedodd said...

so very very true, staci... i too have come to embrace images of a different kind of heart - just like you...

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Awwwww.... I love your heart story! I'm not a fan of hearts either, but you made my creative juices flow thinking about how the standard heart can be transformed.....


Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I'm drawn to the elongated not symmetrical hearts that are textural myself. Love accents like stitches and wings... These are some beautiful pieces!!!

Linda said...

I ♥ your collection! I'm drawn to elongated hearts in a variety of colors, but not the typical pink. If they are ceramic, I like cool textures. If they are lampies I look for interesting color combos and details.

Karen Totten said...

Love the post! Thank you for including my beads!

I like hearts in all shapes - long and fanciful, or pebble-like and rounded like a bead. Lately, I've been exploring longer heart shapes with a bit of a curl on the tip. I'm also playing with ideas in copper clay (fast becoming one of my favorite medias!).

Kelli said...

Love your post, Staci!!!! You are correct, the world needs us all to spread a little more LOVE!!!
I like long thin, assymetrical hearts. Although, I really do like KTotten's chubby heart beads!! :)

Genea said...

Lots of talented artists in this post including our writer ;) I love the hearts you chose for the post! Thanks so much for including me :)


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