Friday, January 20, 2012

The "charming getaway" charms

by Kelli Pope

Two weeks ago, I was thrilled to blog about my upcoming "Charming Getaway" with some fellow artists. I finished my charms and am ready to head to the lake for the weekend of fun, friendship, wine and laughter. I can't WAIT!!!!!! :) As you read this, I'll likely be on the road with my buddy Robbie Moriarty, setting out for our weekend. What a wonderful, whimsical artist. Not to mention, a warm, wonderful and charming lady! Make sure you check out her INCREDIBLY wonderful Kentucky "ART Car". Ky Art Car Weekend

(alas, I understand she will not be taking us on our road trip)

Here are my charms for the giveaway. I had hoped to have more small beads ready to work with, but I had some kiln issues, and wasn't able to get them fired. Hopefully the ladies will enjoy what I've made. I couldn't resist making everyone 2 each. :)

my handmade beads with hand cut, hammered, patinated copper discs, and my own copper, silver or antiqued brass "swirlies"

my very last light blue bead! Gotta get that kiln crankin' when I get back!!

Hope you all have as WONDERFUL and CHARMING a weekend as I'm sure I will have. Tune in next week for weekend highlights, pics, and my new bracelet with all the charms!!


Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! That car is a work of art! Love the charms, Kelli!

Izzy said...

Oh, that are adorable!!!

KayzKreationz said...

Those are all so cute. I'm sure they'll all love them. Have fun on your trip. (Love that car)

mairedodd said...

have fun this weekend - and what a fabulous car!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Those are great! I hope you have fun.... It looks like it will be a blast!

stacilouise said...

the charms look so fun! I am crazy about your wire work! I would also love to travel in that car- how fun! Too bad you won't be taking it!

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