Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sublety of Color and Shape: Designing artful holiday jewelry

I've never been one to dress to the season. You won't find me wearing festive Swarovski crystal snowman earrings or wearing a jingle bell around my neck. Today I thought I would explore some different ideas for creating  in the holiday spirit! I started with the simple idea of a candy cane to see how artists interpreted this theme differently than the norm.

found here

1) Use texture or pattern to suggest an idea subtly. By simply changing the angle of a line or texture stripes this ring takes on the structure of a peppermint stick without the calories!

found here

2) Color and unexpected materials come together in these great red and white earrings made from recycled newspaper! How can you interpret holiday color schemes into your work either by use of materials or technique?

found here

3) Is your design versatile? By simply using red and white, these earrings could easily complement many different outfits and holidays.

What ways do you involve Christmas, Winter, and Holiday Color schemes into your work? Have you designed interesting jewelry that transitions well into the holidays?


Artisan Beads Plus said...

Well..... call me Ms. Scrooge.... I just have never been able to wear festive outfits or accessories.... I love the items that you displayed though :o) I could wear those.....

Izzy said...

I feel a bit silly, but hadn't really thought about making holiday jewelry... But those picks are really, really cute. Especially the last, looks like real candy.

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