Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is it the change of seasons?

by MaryAnn Carroll

Why is it that every year during the holiday months things seem to intensify in people's lives?  I ask myself that question every year.  Maybe it's our expectations of family and happiness.  Maybe it's because the pressure is on before Halloween even ends....  Maybe it's..... oh, I don't know....  What is it?  I know in my own life the holidays were never the same after my mother suddenly passed on December 12th, at the age of 53 leaving us parent-less.  My oldest was six months and it was a day that I've never been able to shake.  I went through the motions and made a happy holiday for my kids each year, but as I age, I look back and wonder what I taught them by loading up the gifts under the tree, almost everything they asked for they got.... almost... not "everything."  It wasn't until they were teens and I went through a divorce with their Dad that I started to change how the holidays would be....  at least with what I could control....  I began making them gifts that had meaning to me and would, hopefully, have meaning to them when they grew older.  I think that was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Today, some of those gifts may be a little late because my family has been faced with some obstacles this year that have made creating move a little slower.  I am hoping to come home tonight, use my new tools (more about that tomorrow) and get some simple components made for some simple gifts.  This year's theme is "make it simple."  Starting a theme for Christmas is something I started this year (just the other day) which should help me to not go too overboard with my creations and over think the designs.

Erikas Sweet Treats

With all that said, I do have to say that one fond memory I will always cherish is making frosted Christmas cookies.  My sons have continued that tradition. Well, in the case above, it was more my daughter-in-law, Erika.... not my son CJ ;o)...  Check out her shop for lots of yummy treats!  I was hoping that I would be able to organize enough to have my grandchildren up this year and we could all frost together like I did when their Dad's were little boys.  Unfortunately, another family issue came up and that was put on the back burner.

When I think about those days, it makes me both happy and sad, but I must say that I never have an issue when it comes to eating them....   What are your thoughts about this season?




Cute n Sweet Cafe


Domantes Jewellery

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Izzy said...

Geez, where's my kleenex? Crying over my coffee. Kathleen is on my mind and her best friend just sent me a card with a letter that said "Katie would be taking vacation by now so that she could bake for everyone she knew". Must be something about baking that brings families closer. Sending a big hug for your current situation...

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Awww... thanks, Izzy. I don't think I'm alone with holiday sadness so this goes out to all of you who experience something other than joy.... and cookies do bring us together.... as well as make my clothes a little tighter ;o)

mairedodd said...

the holidays are loaded with the good and the sad... everything seems to be in overdrive while we strive for peace... the balance is out of kilter and we are disappointed when we don't get a respite from the daily grind... it is complex... wishing you the best...

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