Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Display update

Hopefully you saw this post where I showed my beautiful, display case handmade by my father-in-law.  Oh, although he's very flattered with all the requests to make more, he only makes out of love for his daughter-in-law.  I am one lucky girl.

Here it is all painted.

Put together.

And stocked.

Soon it will be in it's new home.

Not bad, eh?

Now I'm going to go work on my Art Spark creation.


mairedodd said...

this looks terrific izzy... professional but not cold - really setting off your earrings... get ready to restock!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

That is amazing!!! What a talent.... and I absolutely LOVE the idea of the mirror.

Cynthia said...

It looks great!!

TesoriTrovati said...

The mirror is an awesome touch. These would sell like hotcakes if he were willing. But it is so much more special that he did that for you!
Enjoy the day!

Patty said...

It's stunning, Izzy! Your father is amazing.

Kelli said...

It's truly wonderful!!

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