Friday, November 18, 2011

Chaos and Gratitude

by Kelli Pope

With Thanksgiving upon us, and "Gratitude" being our ArtSpark for November, I've been in deep thought about this week's blog. My life has been incredibly blessed. My list would be a MILE long, trying to mention the blessings in my life; faith, family, friends, home.................etc... While trying to stay in tune with jewelry, I started thinking about my husband Steve, and the incredible support he has given me over the years. He has not just supported me, he's been my roadie, my chauffeur, my handyman, my assistant, my delivery man, my partner, and my very best friend, just to mention a few of his many talents!!! And the surprises he's give me along the way are incredible!

When I decided I HAD to have an entire room to work in, we converted the spare bedroom. (*warning...view with caution! I did not clean up this room, but decided to photograph it in its natural, and chaotic state*) :o)

At first, the little 10x12 room contained a drafting table and an old desk for me to work on. Then years ago, as I became more creative and ambitious with my work, I came home to this work bench from my Darlin' Steve. (It was MUCH more organized when he installed it.) This is where I hammer, saw, solder, pickle, sand, etc, etc, etc.

When the room started getting cluttered again, I came home from an out of town weekend show to find this custom made, corner work station and shelving unit built in to the other wall replacing the old desk I'd been using. (Yes, I bawled like a baby!)

Normally the whole surface is covered with my bead, component boxes, but I haven't unpacked them from my last show yet.)

When I began my adventures in clay last year, I set up a folding table on the only open wall left, and started making clay beads. Yes, yes, the
room started getting quite cramped. Every other nook, corner, the closet, under the desk and table are where my show displays, tablecloths and tools (which I could NOT bring myself to include in these photos!!) are stored.
So, being the incredible, wonderful supportive husband that he is, Steve decided to bless me a little more............ A couple months ago, he'd been busy in the "garage" working on a "shelving project" for his buddy Ed's girlfriend. (Back in 2006, we had to block up our basement garage due to flooding issues. It had also served as Steve's workshop, and contained an old set of cabinets used as his tool bench. After closing it up, it served mostly as his work area, and storage.) He and his buddy Ed had spent several days working on their "project". At the time, I was so busy making jewelry after I got home from work, I never ventured into the "garage". A few nights later, over dinner, his buddy called asking if I had seen his cell phone. He suggested me might have left it in the garage. When I walked in to check, I was completely overwhelmed. He and Steve had been working on a project for ME all week. They moved ALL of Steve's tools from his workbench onto new shelves they built at the other end of the garage, and put a new sturdy counter top on the existing old cabinets/work bench for me. They covered it with metal sheeting for extra durability, and installed pegboard behind. They moved my photography equipment from the rickety, ancient table it had been on to the new area. They installed my new kiln, and put in quite a bit of new lighting. Once again, I was amazed at the support, talent, and thoughtfulness of this wonderful man.

Once I get through this show season, I'll now have plenty of space, safer space, to do my soldering, and dive into that enameling I'm just dying to try!! :) And did I forget to mention, he even installed a sink?
I am so very, very grateful for the blessings in my life......... Did I mention that already? :) And all of us at LMAJ are very thankful for you, our readers. May you all be blessed and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


mairedodd said...

while it is possible to soar alone, the heights seem to rise as we have solid support systems... that is one wonderful man you have! but i am thinking there are 2 sides to the relationship... enjoy your terrific stations... we are so grateful to have them, i agree...

Kristi Bowman said...

What a great story what a great husband!! Enjoy your new space!

stacilouise said...

*sigh* No words. So sweet!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is beautiful! What an amazing husband! I just need someone to help me move the table that we brought home for my desk, that promptly got stuck in the dining room we never use, to the basement. Did I mention that it was brought in the house on Mother's Day? Gah! And those shelves need to be put up on the wall. That would make me so grateful to be able to put things away in their place! Maybe I can work on this next week... Thanks for the glimpse into your great studio space! Enjoy the day!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Another wonderful story about Steve..... I hope that you show him this post.... and you know what.... He is also very blessed and lucky to have you :o)
MaryAnn xo

Izzy said...

Husbands can be grand! =) Got a good one myself who happily gave up his "man cave garage" for my studio. Sweet.

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